Maundy Thursday: Customs, Traditions and Interesting Facts

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This day is about purifying the body, soul and dwelling place from the dirt
08:10, 16 April 2020

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People call it Maundy (Pure) Thursday. It is still believed that the water has healing properties on this day, so special attention is given to bathing, as if it, together with prayer, helps to maintain health throughout the year. In 2020, it takes place on April 16.

The house must be cleaned by Shear Thursday. In the past, the housewives hung towels that decorated the walls in the house with colorful embroidery. A candle, which was brought from the church in the evening, was used to burn the image of the cross above the entrance to the house. The Holy Candle is stored until the next Shear Thursday.

In addition, on this day people start painting eggs and baking Easter cakes. Before kneading the dough, you must pray to clean the soul and the space around, otherwise, the Easter cakes may not come.

Also on this day, it is customary to take communion, to lay bread and consecrated salt on the table.

What is not allowed on this day?

Because this day is about cleansing the body, soul and dwelling place from dirt, those who leave the mess in their house on Shear Thursday will live in dirt and strife all year long. Do not leave dirty dishes or linen at night - this is a bad sign that can cause illnesses.

You also should not give anything valuable away or borrow money, because along with values there is a possibility of "giving prosperity away" as well.

Traditional holiday meals cannot be cooked until cleaning is complete, and you cannot taste them until Easter.

Interesting facts

There is a belief that the souls of the righteous return to earth to celebrate "Dead Easter" on this day. Therefore, at night people might see the ghosts.

It is allowed to eat hot vegetable food with vegetable oil twice a day.

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