Lutsenko and Dekanoidze: crime rate in Ukraine in quotes

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Lutsenko and Dekanoidze report to the relevant parliamentary committee
19:57, 21 September 2016

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Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko and Head of National Police are reporting to the parliamentary committee on the legal ensuring of the law enforcement activity. The meeting was broadcasted by 112 Ukraine TV channel.

Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko noted that the spate of crimes in Ukraine takes place due to the property crimes. According to him criminal, since the beginning of the year criminal offences exceed the last year indexes by 25%. Property crimes make 70% of all crimes, thefts increased by 38%.

The Head of National Police Khatia Dekanoidze also confirmed the increase in property crimes. She believes the reason for that lies in impoverishment of the population and offers “to treat not only an arm, but the entire body”.

Read the brief review of the crime rate in Ukraine and potential ways of problem solutions.

112 Agency

Yuriy Lutsenko

“Delinquency in public places increased by 55%. 25 00 0of criminal crimes were committed in public places of Kyiv within 6 months. One in three intentional homicides takes place in Kyiv.”

“The war contributed into criminalizing of Ukraine. The country is full of weapons, explosives and ammunition, their quantity can’t even be analyzed.”

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“I know the exact time when I meet police patrol. You need to change the routes and to leave the car, you have to communicate with people. Because drug addicts from Troyeshchina (residential area of Kyiv) synchronize their watches with your patrols when they pass by.”

“Kyiv mayor had to install thousands of cameras instead of dozens installed now. Then the operator would directs the patrol cars exactly where needed at the moment. Patrolling is not effective without CCTV monitoring and getting off the car. This is a fact.”

112 Agency

Khatia Dekanoidze

“Do the cars wreck (in the car accident, - ed,). Yes, they are. Every police cars wreck. We have 14 250 cars. Let’s find statistics for militia – no one had ever talked about that nor posted it to the Facebook.”

“It’s important that the Verkhovna Rada is supporting Police… But we don’t have money, nor the budget to get clothes and shoes for policemen.”

“The main thing is legal basis. Police becomes an amorphic crows without motivation.”

“While I’m here, there will be no pretty statistics.”

“We launched re-qualification and I was nearly crucified for “firing professionals”. We need to clear up police. We have no other way. But the most important is that we experience stuff scarcity. We lack of professionals. No one ever thought of that within decades. No people to administer.”

“It’s not a secret the policemen lack qualification. Our international partners help us to launch career development course. We have no money in our budget for that. What you think – how long the donors will feed us?”

“Thieves in law – is a soviet concept. Thieves in law is Stalin conception, invented to control the crime rate not only on the streets, but also in prisons. We adopted this law in Georgia, because there was no safety. Thieves in law controlled economics, criminality, etc. Do we control them, do we know what is happening there? No. We need to finalize the law, to count the economics risks. But the Europeans and other civilized societies are not aware of this concept. Unfortunately, thieves in law is a soviet tradition and the most ugly tradition of Stalin and the Bolsheviks.”

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