Law enforcers try to conceal fact of use of firearm during civilian’s murder in southern Ukraine

Ukraine’s Secretary of Parliamentary Ombudsman Bohdan Kryklyvenko reported this in interview with 112 Ukraine TV channel
16:45, 25 August 2016

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‘The very fact of the use of the firearm by a policeman is now being confirmed – and it was not the sidearm. What’s most enraging is that they tried to conceal that fact. Our colleague is now at the site to provide unbiased investigation. The documents that we looked into do not mention the use of the gun; neither does the website of the regional police office’, Kryklyvenko said in the interview with 112 Ukraine TV channel.

On the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, August 24, Olexandr Zuckerman was killed while being detained by the police. Earlier that night his wife, Alla Zuckerman, called the cops, reporting that her husband, Olexandr, came home drunk and made a racket.

An operational investigative group of Kryvoozersky department of three policemen arrived at the scene. 

The law enforcers found 'Lada' car with the smashed windscreen. Another local resident stated he had a conflict with Olexandr Zuckerman, who had knocked the windscreen of his car with a shovel.

When police entered the courtyard, Alla Zuckerman showed his husband sleeping on driver's seat in his car in garage. Further descriptions from the participants of those events and witnesses vary a lot. The police claim that awakened Zuckerman and he attacked them with a shovel and nearly killed. So they applied power and handcuffed him.

But the mother of the dead man and the neighbors say that law enforcers pulled Olexandr out of the car, handcuffed him, took him outside to his car, knocked to the ground and started beating him. At this time came three more police officers, who also joined the beating. All this was done in the presence of Zuckerman's mother, his wife and his son. Some witnesses say that they heard the shots, though shells were not found on the scene. Police stopped beating only when Zuckerman stopped moving. They called the ambulance. When the doctors announced Zuckerman dead, the police simply fled, leaving a dead body in a puddle in the street.

The forensic medical report conducted that Zuckerman died of gunshot wounds. The cause of death was "acute internal bleeding, traumatic heart failure." At least four gunshot wounds were found in the body of the deceased, allegedly from a Flaubert traumatic gun. According to the expert, shots were made at the close range. Two bullets were found in the heart, another one stuck in the lung.

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