Jews all over the world begin celebration of Pesach

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The holiday is celebrated seven days in Israel and eight days out of Israel
13:16, 30 March 2018

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Today the Jews all over the world begin the celebration of Pesach or Passover. It is an important holiday that is also a commemoration of the liberation of the Jews by God from slavery in ancient Egypt and their freedom as a nation under the leadership of Moses. The holiday is celebrated seven days in Israel and eight days out of Israel. This year, the celebration has begun on March 30 and will end on April 7.

Traditionally, the Jews begin to prepare for Pesach in few weeks. The main points of the preparation are the cleaning of the house and throwing of the food that was cooked by ripening or fermentation.

Talking about food, it is forbidden to eat the ripened food (chametz) such as cereals contacted the liquid (wheat, barley, rye, and oat). Also, they avoid eating of the pearl barley, corn, peas as they can force the process of the fermentation. The Jews do not eat flour products, flakes made from the cereals, malt and yeast products, mustard, alcohol drinks (beer, ciders, wheat vodka, whiskey), pickled food with malt vinegar and fruit essence.

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For Pesach Jews serve the food in the nice dishes. Usually, it is zeroa (is a lamb shank bone or roast chicken wing as the symbol of the sacrifice), beitzah (the hardboiled egg as the symbol of the cycle of life), karpas (the vegetable, usually parsley or celery as the symbol of the green of spring), charoset (the sweet salad of apples, nuts, wine, and cinnamon as the symbol of the mortar used by the Hebrew slaves to make bricks), maror (bitter herbs as the symbol of the bitter experience of the Hebrew slaves). The main part of the dish is three pieces of matzah, the unleavened bread.

The first and the last days of the holiday are the weekends and it is forbidden to work these days. Also, the synagogues hold the ceremony of ‘waters separation’ these days in the memory of God that dried the Red Sea for the Jews to pass it and then brought down the waves on the enemies.


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