In Finland, minks to be vaccinated against coronavirus

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The FurcoVac vaccine showed its effectiveness in protecting animals from the coronavirus during testing; the vaccinated minks did not contract a single case of Covid-19 infection
12:36, 1 October 2021

Mink farms
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The Food Authority of Finland has allowed the vaccination of minks against the coronavirus with the experimental FurcoVac vaccine. The application for registration of the drug was submitted by the Finnish Association of Fur Breeders, according to its website.

“The Finnish fur industry will be the first operator in the EU to vaccinate animals against coronavirus,” said FIFUR Director General Marja Tiura.

The coronavirus vaccine for minks was developed as part of a joint project between FIFUR and a team of researchers from the University of Helsinki. FurcoVac is an experimental vaccine product similar to prescription drugs. Its sale is still prohibited.

During testing of the vaccine on minks, all results on Covid-19 were negative, i.e. infection of animals on Finnish farms has not yet been detected.

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According to the decision of the European Commission, “animal testing under the decision of the European Commission on mink farms in the EU Member States and in Finland on Finnraccoon farms will continue until March 2022.”

The vaccine development began in late autumn of 2020. In Finland, there is a fur vaccination program, and a coronavirus vaccine may be included in the future if, for example, a marketing authorization is granted.

Among fur-bearing animals, minks and Finnish raccoons, as well as cats and white-tailed deer proved to be susceptible to the Covid-19 virus.

As it was reported earlier, in November 2020, the Danish government decided to eradicate all minks on the country's animal farms in connection with the detection of individuals infected with a mutated strain of the virus.

Soon there were serious environmental problems in Denmark due to the burial of these animals.

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