Identity of the famous Zodiac killer revealed in US

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A group of investigators claim to have identified the Zodiac. The police are not sure yet
12:41, 12 October 2021

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In the United States, Case Breaker's (a group of dedicated specialists to provide auxiliary services for ongoing investigations) said it was most likely able to identify a serial killer named Zodiac, who could not be caught for more than 50 years.

The BBC writes that, according to investigators, the Zodiac was a veteran of the US Air Force Gary Francis Post (died 2018).

However, the police and the FBI do not yet support the version of the investigators, stressing that the case is still open.

Who are Case Breakerы?

Here's what they write about themselves:

The Case Breaker Group is a voluntary group that assists in the investigation of unsolved criminal cases. It includes more than 40 retired investigators and intelligence officers (in particular, the FBI), as well as journalists.

The group "has a combined 1,500-year skillset in the areas of policing, criminal justice, forensic medicine, research and investigation."

"Supported by government and corporate partners, this nonprofit organization has three goals: resolving unsolved cases, funding more volunteer teams, and advancing careers across all sectors of the civil service."

Why Gary Francis Post?

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As the ABC clarifies, some of the evidence that Case Breakers said points to Gary Francis Post include:

    a paint-splattered watch bought at a military base, discovered by the police after the murder of one of the likely victims of the Zodiac;

    a heel print of the same shoe style and size found at three other Zodiac crime scenes;

    scars on the forehead, similar to the San Francisco Police Department's sketch of a zodiacal killer;

    the connection between his name and coded messages sent to the police by someone claiming to be the killer.

What do the police say?

The FBI office in San Francisco, in a statement to the San Francisco Chronicle, noted that the case remains open and they "have no new information to share at this time."

Sources also told the newspaper that the latest evidence is inconclusive.


The Zodiac was officially linked to five murders, but investigators said Chery Jo Bates, an 18-year-old student killed in 1966 in Riverside near Los Angeles, was the sixth victim. And this is allegedly confirmed by the FBI in a 1975 note.

Case Breakers say they wanted to share evidence of Bates with local police, but police said they were "100%" confident that the Zodiac was not responsible for her death.

The group notes that it is possible to compare the DNA of the Chery killer Bates and the DNA of Gary Francis Post to confirm their theory.

Who is the Zodiac? And what is known about the murders he committed?

The man, who later became known as the Zodiac, operated in Northern California from at least the late 60s to the early 70s.

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Five unsolved Zodiac-related murders have been officially confirmed in the San Francisco Bay Area. At least in one of his letters (the killer wrote mocking messages in the media), he claimed that he had killed 37 people.


Letters, often beginning with the words "This is the Zodiac Speaking," were sent to local newspapers in Northern California until the 1970s.

Their feature was four ciphers - handwritten codes sent with letters, which, it was alleged, among other things, revealed the identity of the killer.

Were there any more suspects?

Yes, and a lot.

One of the more "popular" suspects was convicted child molester Arthur Lee Allen. Over the years, many names have been sounded, but one of the key opportunities was this particular convict.

He died in 1992, just a month after being identified by survivor Michael Mago.

However, no charges related to the crimes of the Zodiac were brought against Allen; his fingerprints did not match those of the taxi driver's killer, Paul Stein.

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