I don't give a damn on predicitons of rock's death

Author : Yulia Poterianko

Respondent : Dero Goi

Source : 112 Ukraine

In a few days German metal band Oomph! will arrive with concerts in Kyiv and Lviv. Musicians are looking forward to meet the Ukrainian audience and are preparing present to their new album Ritual to the fans. The front man of the band, Dero, still found the time to answer our questions
12:11, 14 November 2019

German metal band Oomph!
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You have been together as a band for 30 years and the members did not change. It is a very long time and not many people can stay with each other for so long. What helps you keep your cool and continue to dedicate a lot of time to common goals?

DERO: A healthy mix of closeness and distance, a good sense of humor and the ability to not take everything too serious, especially yourself...

You said that you wrote your album Ritual under pleasant impressions of a tour in support of the previous album XXV, the record, in the end, turned out to be rather gloomy. How do you transform one feeling into another? How difficult is it to transform an emotional plus to minus?

DERO: Well, to think in terms of plus and minus is a bit too much black-and-white thinking to me. As a musician, you've got the chance to use your music as a tool to get to know yourself better and better over the years. It's kinda like a longterm self-therapy if you want and as we've never done reggae or happy sunshine pop, we've been dealing with inner demons and emotional abysses rather than with hedonistic aspects. We've always been trying to transform all the positive aggression that we experience while touring into new thrilling songs. I guess the lyrics are also a strong factor to create such nasty little nightmares all over again...

Now it is generally believed that rock is dying out, but at the same time, some events like the reunion of Rage Against the Machine suggest otherwise. What do you, the rock musicians think about it?

DERO: Rock has been sentenced to death many times since OOMPH! exist. To be honest, I don't give a damn on those predictions, like planet earth has also been declared dead plenty of times over the last 2000 years and it's still spinning though. As a band, we're just trying to continue with what we can do the best. I've never experienced a gig that can spread as much vivid energy and overwhelming power as a rock or metal concert...

You once said in an interview, that he loves music in movies. Besides, your song Augen Auf! appeared in Gore Verbinski’s movie A Cure for Wellness. Would you like to try yourself as a composer for a film? Which genre would you prefer for a movie debut?

DERO: That would be awesome, indeed. I think the score of a picture makes at least half of its success. Of course, I would pick a rather dark movie, maybe a psycho-thriller or a horror movie...

One of the main themes of your work is insanity. Dero once even performed in a straitjacket. Have you already watched the craziest movie of the year Joker? How do you find it? Have you found some inspiration there? Perhaps for the next album.

DERO: No doubt that Joaquin Phoenix is a brilliant actor! I think he deserves an Oscar for his awesome and outstanding performance as Joker. It's a stunning psychological study of a suffering mind that's been rejected by a numb and hostile society which finally turns him into a psychopath. You can learn a lot from the movie...

You have been to Ukraine more than once or twice. Every time Ukrainian fans are waiting for you, as if for the first time. What did you come to love most in our country, except for a cool audience?

DERO: I've been in some quite beautiful cities in Ukraine, like Ternopil or Lviv, for example. of course, the bigger Ukrainian cities like Kyiv are also very cool but I tend to appreciate rather the picturesque coziness of old-fashioned villages or small cities...anyways, it will be great to come back to beautiful Ukraine, we'ree looking forward to this.

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