How many more Muslim terrorists will Europe accept?

Author : Jerome Riviere

Source : Valeurs Actuelles

Jerome Riviere, head of the French delegation to the Identity and Democracy faction of the European Parliament, believes that the adoption of the European Immigration Pact represents a failure of European migration policy.
22:47, 5 October 2020

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He was first introduced as Ali H., a lonely minor from Pakistan. But his name is Zahir Hasan Mahmoud, and he is 25, not 18. He says he came from the village of Kothli in Mandi district of Pakistan's Punjab province. Arshad Mahmud, who calls himself his father, said that he was "very happy" and "proud" of his son's actions since he "defended the honor of the prophet." What can you do for the approval of your father - both earthly and heavenly ...

The hypocrisy of the press

Despite all the groans of the press, which on the day of the terrorist attack categorically refused to associate his act with Islamism, common sense pointed to the obvious. In addition, in our country, in no case can we point out a connection with immigration, so as not to show that it contributes to the emergence of jihadists in our land. It was in this vein that the journalists spoke to me on the day of the terrorist attack with the support of the MP Aurélien Taché, who was more outraged not by the incident itself, but by the fact that the National Association could use it for political purposes. Everyone has their own priorities and their own understanding of media neutrality ...

Without even mentioning the reasoning about what a lucky find for France these migrants and their labor skills are, it is worth noting that everything happened two days after the European Commission presented the pact on asylum and immigration. What a cruel coincidence.

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This pact is in fact a statement of failure, which is presented as a tightening of the course. We are talking about the failure of a disastrous policy with the appearance on European soil of more than 5 million migrants since 2014. This is a failure of the entire asylum system: two-thirds of applications are refused, but only a third are expelled abroad. In France, this figure does not even reach 10%.

"Lonely Minors" is a complete lie

To this end, the European Commission intends to tighten border controls (a laudable idea, but simply ridiculous means are provided for its implementation) and to officially register more migrants using new legal immigration routes. Thus, it tries to further restrict the sovereignty of our countries by introducing a system of compulsory distribution in the name of the solidarity of the member states. First of all, Hungary and Poland, which are not going to accept migrants, as the people's demands for them, are at gunpoint here.

It is worth noting the hypocrisy with "lonely minors." Both statements are false: these people are adults and not alone. Jean-Marc Thériaud wrote in Figaro on September 29 that in the Val-de-Marne department, age-related fraud is observed in 80% of cases! Every year 50,000 single minors arrive in France, for whom social services allocate 50,000 euros per year, that is, a total of 2 billion. A lucrative business for smugglers who charge even more money to transport such fake teenagers. And here we are talking about France alone.

Among other touching rulings, the text states: “Unaccompanied children, as well as children under 12 years of age and their relatives, should receive an exemption from border procedures. (...) The system should be designed to take into account the special needs of children at each stage, offering effective alternatives to detention and facilitating rapid family reunification. "

We know the scale of the fraud, but there are no measures to combat it. How many more 30-year-old "adolescents" who only breed crime will Europe forcefully push into our territory?

In the name of Chesterton's "old Christian virtues that gone mad " and humanity, which has turned into humanism, Europe today itself is organizing an invasion of its land. History will deliver a disappointing verdict to our insane era.

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