Half of summer passed: Traditions and customs of Feast of Saints Peter and Paul

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Why cuckoo bird gets quiet on July 12, what are the mandryks, why people boil borscht in three pots and who of these two saints do they pray for success in business?
13:15, 12 July 2019

Feast of Saints Peter and Paul
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The first half of summer is gone. Ukrainians call the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul – “Petrivka.” But not only Christian roots should be sought in this date. July 12 for Ukrainians - and the veneration of two saints, and the beginning of the harvest. Read more about the holiday read on.


When is the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul celebrated?

The Orthodox Christians celebrate the Feast of St. Peter and Paul on July 12, and Catholics - on June 29. Supposedly, on this very day, the apostles accepted a martyr death. Peter was crucified upside down, and Paul was beheaded. They suffered such death because they zealously served God.

The date is also associated with the transfer of the relics of the apostles, which took place in Rome on June 29 in 258.

In Catholic Church, the holiday has the highest status of celebration.

On July 12, the Apostles' Fast, which began on June 24 in 2019, ends. The Feast of the Apostles Peter and Paul completes the cycle of major holidays that fall on the summer solstice. This cycle also includes the Green Holidays (Trinity) and Ivan Kupala Day. They combine folk traditions and Christian doctrine.

Feast of Saints Peter and Paul
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Symbols of the holiday

The first mentions of the holiday date back to the fourth century. The first temples were built in honor of the two apostles during the time of Constantine the Great. Some towns were also named in their honor - Petropavlivka, Petropavlovsk, etc.

On this day, the church glorifies the spiritual strength of St. Peter and the mind of St. Paul.

The image of the first one symbolizes the apostasy from the Lord, and then sincere repentance. The image of the second one is the resistance to the Lord’s sermon, and then the belief.

At the same time, in the folk calendar, the holiday is known as the Peter’s Day and marks the full flowering of natural forces, the “peak of summer” and preparation for haymaking.


Traditions and customs

Ukrainians have always thoroughly prepared for this holiday: cleaned the yard, whitened the huts, hung embroidered rushnyks. The girls put wreaths of wildflowers on their heads, weaving red poppies in them.

Feast of Saints Peter and Paul
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In the morning, everyone went to church.

After returning home, people made mandryks - cheesecakes.

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According to legend, Peter and Paul ate them traveling the world. It is noteworthy that after July 12, the cuckoo bird ceases to cry cuckoo. They say that this bird “choked by mandryk” it stole from St. Peter, and for that, God punished it.

Since St. Peter is considered the protector of shepherds and on this day, the hosts brought the treats to them - mandryks with butter. After that, the shepherds built a “petrivnyk” - a small dugout or fence, decorated with greenery, and dined together. They ate dairy “so that cows would milk better.”

The girls on this holiday did fortunetelling to find out about their destined ones.

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It is believed that on this day one should wash up in three springs, see the sunrise and to generously treat the poor.

People believe that you can pray to apostles for healing from madness and fever. Fishermen turn to St. Peter, and businessmen turn to Paul.


What must not be done on the Feast of St. Peter and Paul

It is not recommended to get married on this day. It is believed that it would not turn out good.

Field work is also prohibited. The ancestors believed that it was on July 12 that the corn was filling and gaining strength, therefore, to disturb them meant to deprive oneself of a generous harvest.

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