Fires, smog, water deficit: Ukraine needs saving its ecology, - WWF

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Ukraine should urgently adopt a number of important laws on the protection of the environment and responsible use of the natural resources not to make the situation hopeless
19:50, 20 May 2020

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Experts of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) insist that Ukraine needs a national strategy of preservation of biodiversity and habitat, as 5 TV channel reported.

According to the information, Ukraine has a serious problem – ecological. The Ukrainians saw clearly and experienced what people get from the wrong attitude to the environment. Horrible droughts and showers, large-scale fires, terrible smog, the recession of groundwaters, and other former anomaly become a new reality. The specialists believe it is only the beginning.

That is why Ukraine should urgently adopt a number of important laws on the protection of the environment and responsible use of the natural resources not to make the situation hopeless. Particularly, the country needs the law on waste, reforming of the ecological control, the modern system of monitoring of the environment, and others.

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WWF experts are insisting that Ukraine urgently needs the national strategy of the preservation of the biodiversity and habitat.

“The country should obligatory deal with the protection of life and health of people but it is equally important to keep the plant and animal species, which disappear irrevocably. Thus, the illegal hunting and trade of rare animal species thrive in Ukraine. Such a trade becomes one of the most profitable businesses in the world – it takes the third of fourth place after drug, arms, and human trafficking. Our country does not stay aside. Besides, during the past years, the number of human interventions in different ecosystems has increased. They build highways with fences; the animals are isolated and deprived of the possibility to move freely and interbreed for multiplication,” the ecologists say.

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According to them, the water issue should get special attention and important decisions.

“The week ecological policy led to the fact that the natural balance of fish habitat is systematically destroyed. Meanwhile, the level of the groundwater has critically reduced. The water does not reach the underground strata anymore as it has to do but leaks to the sea. It turned out that our management system did not consider the possibility of climate change and lack of water. That is why, it is not excluded that soon the State Agency for Water Resources will be obliged to restrict the use of water by Ukrainians,” the report says.

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According to the experts, if the water level drops significantly, the air temperature in Ukraine constantly grows.

“It leads to constant forest fires. Moreover, the number of deforestation increases, and the risk of further deterioration of the situation exists up to the forest loss. Despite this fact, Ukraine sharply needs new forest policy. There is a command system left as the heritage from the Soviet times but it does not correspond to the reality. Meanwhile, due to the barbaric logging, each fifth species of animal and each eighth species of plant vanish; however, they are included in the Red Book of Ukraine. However, the number of logging only grows,” they say.

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As we reported, the air temperature in Kyiv broke another record on February 2. That Sunday's 10.7 degrees above zero was 1.4 higher than the previous maximum temperature for this day observed in 2002.


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