Doctors discover new side effects of Pfizer vaccine

Source : 112 Ukraine

0.032% of those vaccinated had vision problems, inflammation of the pulmonary pleura, heart, heart attack, and liver damage
20:33, 6 March 2021

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Only 153 people (0.0032%) out of more than 4.7 million who received a first shot of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine had any kind of serious side effects, according to Jerusalem Post.

Only 162 had serious side effects from the second dose out of 3.4 million.
The types of serious issues that people experienced ranged from blurred vision, inflammation of the pulmonary pleura (that allow optimal expansion and contraction of the lung during breathing), inflammation of the heart, heart attack or even liver damage. 
Some 62 people were hospitalized after receiving their first dose; 75% of them had underlying medical conditions before getting the jab.
Forty-two people were hospitalized after the second shot. 
Some 487 (first) and 250 (second) had neurological issues after getting inoculated: 474 people who experienced paresthesia (tingling, pricking, chilling, burning, numbness of the skin), 73 who had bell’s palsy (facial paralysis), 23 convulsions, 28 metal taste in the mouth, 14 loss of consciousness, five transient cerebral ischemia (temporary stroke) and 59 others who had unidentified neurological issues.
In total, there were 9,595 people who reported side effects of the vaccines out of 4,755,585 people who received the first dose, and another 8,743 out of 3,408,825 who received the second dose. 
The majority of complaints were among younger people (20-49) and women. 
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