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One of the main issues of Kyiv is uncovered as spring approached – significant part of roads is inadequate for driving. New deep holes on bumpy roads make the maintenance of the cars more expensive and trips through the city much less comfortable. Why the capital faces the same problems every passing year? Experts say that 80% of the road surface needs to be changed, which may cost billions of dollars. Kyiv administration plans to spend 50 – 70 million dollars, however this will not significantly change the situation.
09:59, 6 March 2017

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As spring came Kyiv authorities traditionally pay their attention to the critical condition of road surface. The Shulyavsky bridge collapse added to the discreditation of the Kyiv road service. Vitaly Klitschko ensures that 300 km of the road surface in Kyiv will be changed this year. Accordign to Ilya Sagaydak, Klitschko’s deputy on transport, (whom Klitschko is going to fire) Kyiv administration plans to spend 50 – 70 million dollars on the road repair and building new roads this year. More funds may come from the customs experiment, valid since the last year. In case Kyiv regional customs outstrips the target, Kyiv will get a part of extra money. “We are gradually giving up patching repairs in favor of full repairs, when the road surface is performed from one border stone to the other,” says Ilya Sagaydak.

Why Ukraine does not have good roads?

Kyiv administration does not have the data on how many roads need to be repaired exactly. But according to some experts 80% of city surface needs to be changed in Kyiv. The country-wide statistics is even worse.

Last year, only 1% of roads was reconstructed, reports the press service of the Ministry of Infrastructure, citing the Minister Volodymyr Omelyan.

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“I drive our roads myself, and I realize the problem, even more – I do share people’s indignation, but I’d like to remind that 95% of roads are in insufficient condition and they haven’t changed into European highways,” he noted.

Why Ukraine is never able to fundamentally improve the road surface? Oleksandr Kava, an expert in transport, says that the main problem lies in the lack of funding.

“The roads’ lifespan is 10 years, meanwhile the roads in Kyiv have already served 20 – 30 years,” Oleksandr Kava.

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The funding by the city is not enough to solve the problem, and the so-called hole repairs allows to only drive through the street. But nobody knows where to get the money from.

Here’s another problem – lack of control and corruption, adds the transport expert Vyacheslav Konovalov.

“The shadow paybacks dropped by 15-20%, but they haven’t disappeared,” he noted.

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According to Konovalov, this is a classic of the genre is when the crushed limestone is laid on the road instead of the granite macadam. Need I say a word or two about the lifespan of roadway platform is much shorter than it should be. Governmental institutions, which have to control the monitor the quality of the work performed only exist on the paper. New systems of the public control are working selectively.

Rapid temperature change and a big number of vehicles makes the road surface even worse.

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