Covid-19: Which countries are under lockdown again?

Author : Natalia Lebed

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With the beginning of autumn, the number of people infected with the coronavirus began to increase again, and many countries announced a "second wave" of the pandemics
11:16, 8 October 2020

With the beginning of autumn, the number of people infected with the coronavirus began to increase again, and many countries announced a "second wave" of the pandemics. And some states even introduced a lockdown. For example, on October 5, residents of Paris had the last opportunity to visit a pub, as, on Tuesday, the French capital goes on strict quarantine. Restrictions have been in effect in Israel for over a week, and Spain, for example, is imposing restrictions in Madrid.

We will tell you where the repeated lockdown has already begun and how it happens.

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On September 25, Israel went on a strict two-weeks lockdown as part of the fight against the "second wave" of coronavirus.

lockdown in Israel
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All enterprises that are not vital were closed in the country. The following industries are considered vital: finance, energy, social services, food, and beverage production and delivery, agriculture, ports and transport, communications, medicine, construction, infrastructure, garbage disposal.

They also introduced restrictions on political actions and prayers: they are allowed at a distance of up to 1 km from the house and in the presence of up to 20 people in open spaces.

Airports are closed for departure except in emergencies. At the same time, on Yom Kippur, synagogues will open for mass indoor prayers. Sports are allowed in the same format.


In the Spanish capital Madrid and nine other localities in the region (Fuenlabrada, Alcorcon, Parla, Getafe, Leganés, Mostoles, Alcala de Henares, Torrejón de Ardoz and Alcobendas), as well as in Leon and Palencia, a second lockdown was introduced.

The new restrictions are not as strict as in March when people were forbidden to leave their homes. In particular, now restaurants and hotels will be able to receive up to 50% of visitors.

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Up to six people can sit at one table. The last client can be received until 10 pm, at 11 pm establishments must close (except for delivery services). Parks and gardens were closed. Citizens are supposed to restrict movement outside the specified settlements. You can leave/come for the purpose of work, study, helping the elderly/minors, to obtain banking, insurance, administrative services, etc.

Trading establishments will be able to work only until 22:00. The exception is pharmacies, medical and veterinary centers, gas stations. Sports activities are permitted.

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On Monday, the Italian government negotiated on a state of emergency, the document on the introduction of which should be signed on October 7, The Local reported.

Since October 1, more than 2,000 new cases of coronavirus infection have been reported in Italy every day. Although Italy still has fewer cases than many other European countries.

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Here's what to expect:

  • Wearing masks outdoors in public. For non-compliance, fines ranging from 500 to 3000 euros are considered.
  • Travel restrictions. Italy's list of European countries at risk will be updated. There are currently five countries on the list: Greece, Croatia, Spain, Malta and part of France.
  • The evening curfew is from 10 pm or 11 pm.
  • Local quarantine if it becomes difficult to control outbreaks in a specific area.
  • Ban on public events. Police patrols will stop gatherings and parties in nightclubs.


In France, restrictions are introduced separately in each region.

Since October 6, Paris and its suburbs have been declared a "zone of maximum danger" due to the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus. The new sanitary measures will be in effect for 15 days.

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Today the Parisians had the last chance to go to a bar since from Tuesday the bars in the city will stop working, and restaurants will be allowed to work only until 10 pm, subject to the introduction of additional sanitary restrictions (the distance between tables must be at least one and a half meters).

University auditoriums and amphitheaters cannot be more than 50% full. It is also recommended to give preference to remote work.

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In neighboring Russia, the number of infected is growing rapidly - 10,888 new cases were confirmed per day (with a population of 144.5 million). Thus, the daily number of detected cases of the disease is approaching the May figures. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 1.2 million cases of coronavirus infection have been confirmed in Russia.

In Moscow, authorities are considering re-tightening quarantine. The most pessimistic scenario is a return to access control, Vedomosti reports.

Without improving the epidemiological situation, "self-isolation will be announced within two weeks."

By Monday, the mayor's office instructed to connect software to the metro system that would block the social cards of pensioners and schoolchildren.

Earlier, the mayor city, Sergei Sobyanin, announced a home regime for people over 65. They are advised not to leave the house whenever possible.

And in Rostov-on-Don, office workers began to be fined for lack of a mask for 1000 rubles (13 USD).

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In Canada, since early October, Ottawa, Montreal, and Shoudier Apalash have returned to strict quarantines to stop the "second wave" of coronavirus.

The number of infected is increasing daily: +1800 cases over the last day. Libraries, museums, theaters, cinemas, bars, and casinos in the above-mentioned regions are closed again from October 1 to October 28, and restaurants are going to take-away.

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Guest visits to private houses and staying at a distance of less than 2 m from each other on the street are prohibited. Funerals and weddings are permitted and the number of people attending these ceremonies is limited to 25 people.

At the same time, unlike the quarantine at the beginning of the year, schools, hairdressing salons, and most other areas will continue to work in accordance with the instructions of the health authorities.

In the future, there might also be restrictions on movement between different regions of the province, but travel has not yet been banned.

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Restrictive measures may be introduced in New York from October 7, The New York Times reports. They will close places with an increased risk of infection: restaurants, cafes, gyms, and swimming pools. Indoor and outdoor meals will be suspended in nine city districts. Pickup and delivery of meals will continue to be allowed.

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In seven out of nine districts in the city over the past two weeks, the rate of positive test results for coronavirus exceeded 3%. In some of them, the rate of positive tests over the past 14 days has reached levels of 7 and 8%, which exceeds the critical infection rate of 5% of the number of those tested.

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The United Kingdom was previously famous for imposing fines of £ 10,000 in late September for violating restrictive measures.

However, the statistics of coronavirus infection are still disappointing and the government is considering the new tightening of quarantine. Thus, The Guardian reported a leak of information about new three-level isolation. The new isolation would potentially entail tighter restrictions, including the closure of pubs and a ban on all social contact outside of family groups.

According to the newspaper, the plans have not yet been agreed upon and signed by officials. Some measures can be relaxed.

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