Covid-19 vaccine development: How long would quarantine stay for?

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Here's latest updates on the development of drugs against the disease worldwide, and Ukraine's actions in this regard
14:42, 26 June 2020

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The quarantine in Ukraine was imposed in mid-March. In May, it became adaptive; that is, the government might toughen or mitigate restriction measures, depending on the epidemiological situation. In Lviv, they weakened them, and in Odesa, they made it tougher. However, they cannot cancel these measures anywhere, because the current situation with mordbidity rate wouldn't let them do so.

According to Prime Minister Denys Shmygal, Ukraine will remain in the lockdown until they doctors find a protocol for treatment or vaccine against the coronavirus. Only then, he says, it will be possible to lift the restrictions and "live normal life, develop and think about future".

Let's try and sort it out.

Vaccine from Covid-19

In the UK, they are now testing it on humans, BBC wrote. Some 300 volunteers will have vaccines injected in their bodies in the next few days. If tests results are successful, medics plan anotehr phase of tests to be conducted - in October. The scientists intend to involve 6,000 people in the test group. Previously, the vaccine was successfully tested on animals.

The team of scientists hopes that by early 2021, the vaccine will be found and developed in large volumes in the UK and worldwide. 

Israel hopes to get the first vaccine doses in December. These are developed by Moderna, the U.S. company focused on biotechnologies. Moderna already tested the drug called mRNA-1273; phase two was complete several days ago. In July, it is supposed to test the drug once again, involving 30,000 people in the test group.

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mRNA-1273 is based on the transport RNA. When injected in human body, it prevents the virus's penetration into cells. The vaccine denies synthesis of proteins of the virus' spikes, which is necessary for it to stick to the cells. Thus, it prevents contamination and allows the immune system to destroy the virus before it causes the disease.

WHO says...

Three vaccines could participate in the final phse of clinical tests. After that, the WHO may decid whether these vaccines are effective and safe for humans. According to a WHO official, if any of these vaccines passes tests, by the end of the year, hundreds of millions of doses could appear on the market. In 2021, the manufacture process will let produce billions of doses. 

Drugs currently tested and used to cure Covid-19 symptoms

WHO has been repeatedly stating that there's no medication from the disease yet. The only way to help teh sick is to prescribe drugs to lower the body temperature or take away the pain in a sore throat, etc.

Most recently, the EU approved remdesivir as a drug suitable for treating coronavirus symproms in adults and teenagers aged from 12 years old. It's the first EU-certified medication against these particular symptoms. 

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British scientists also paid attention to dexamethasone, which proved to be reducing the lethality from Covid-19 by a third. Its first tests showed that the drug was effective among patients with the grave phase of the disease.

Ukraine on the negotiation path

Preisdent Volodymyr Zelensky claimed that Ukraine shoudl get the access to vaccines just like other countries do, as soon as it's found and produced. Healthcare Minister Maksym Stepanov claims that the negotiations with a number of states are underway.


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