Coronavirus "in vitro:" Where did invisible enemy come from?

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December 31, the first case of infection with a new deadly species of coronavirus was reported in the Chinese Wuhan with 12 million inhabitants. The epidemic began to spread throughout China and other Asian countries, and cases of infection have been noticed already in the United States and Russia
21:27, 27 January 2020

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At the moment, it is already known about more than 600 infected with coronavirus, however, British scientists suggest that this number may even exceed a thousand people. In China, the official New Year's events were canceled, and the cities of Wuhan and Huangan had already been quarantined. All these measures, of course, localize the spread of the virus but are unlikely to stop its migration around the world in general. After all, people come and go from China every day, and from there they can bring an "exotic gift" home. At the same time, scientists have already begun to develop a vaccine against the new coronavirus, so that the world community has no serious reason to fear mass deaths. Nevertheless, the virus can no longer be stopped: little by little it will spread further, as long as there are its carriers. The only thing is how strong immunity a person has and whether he has an innate predisposition to the perception of this virus, since now not all infected people die. In addition, as doctors say, if the coronavirus is detected in time, then it is possible to recover from the disease, which is most often expressed in the form of pneumonia. Given these features, it is better to refrain from premature panic.

It must be said that living conditions contribute to the spread and mutation of viruses in Asian countries. For example, in China, people can live in the same room with livestock. The virus is a very flexible and “smart” creature: it is transmitted from one living organism to another, adapts to its features, and can change its structure depending on the object of parasitism. Influenza managed to infect birds, and pigs, and humans. Coronavirus also developed in the same way.

However, fears, in my opinion, arise in this matter for completely different reasons.

As for Ukraine, we have a weak policy to control the epidemiological state and sometimes there is no understanding of the importance of the research link in this matter. So, for example, due to underfunding, we were going to transfer the Institute of Veterinary Medicine, where all known strains of viruses are stored, to one-day work. How can this threaten us in the future? Many viruses are transmitted from animals to humans, and if samples of their strains are not stored in the Institute’s repository, how can vaccines be created later?

The second alarming feature is being discussed among scientists. The fact is that now the world is faced with the economic challenge of the robotic era: human labor is valued less and less. Now even cars appear with autopilot mode, and the question arises: how and what to do with drivers who are left without work, what will they live for? So some researchers believe that the spread of viruses is one of the ways to artificially reduce the number of people, designed to solve the problem of employment in the new circumstances.

According to studies conducted for the Indian armed forces leadership, until 2025, it is possible to create biological weapons of mass destruction, which can systematically destroy any human population. Its damaging elements are artificially created microorganisms (pathogens), including strains of bacteria and viruses that can instantly cause diseases and negative changes in the human body. With its help, it will be possible to cause changes in heredity, metabolism or the behavior of millions of people. Genetic weapons of mass destruction have the ability to instantly destroy an entire race.

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