Coronavirus in Ukraine: country's readiness in regions

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Chinese coronavirus, unfortunately, reached Ukraine. Are Ukraine's cities prepared for the epidemic?
15:29, 13 March 2020

Coronavirus in Ukraine: first infection case registered
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Oleksiy Danylov, Secretary of Ukraine's National Security and Defense Council earlier announced that the country's authorities are ready for this and have all the necessary means, including 12.5 thousand hospital beds for those infected.

It’s true, that the preparations have long been underway in Ukraine's regions for the Covid-19. Viktor Lyashko, the Country’s Chief Medical Sanitation Officer, said that in every region, hospital facilities and emergency ambulance teams have already been defined to be called in case of infection with Covid-19.

According to the Ministry of Health, there were three regions defined to first receive COVID-tests - Lviv, Chernivtsi and Zakarpattya.

Kyiv region

At a meeting of the headquarters, which took place on January 29:

  • 2 base hospitals were identified and two emergency medical assistance teams were created to deal with the calls with suspected coronavirus;
  • in the structure of 14 healthcare institutions of the Kyiv region, there are infectious disease box wards for 487 infectious beds, with 201 beds located in 105 boxes;
  • 347 beds have been identified to be converted to infectious beds in case the epidemic situation worsens;
  • another 5 institutions were identified as the first stage reserve base hospitals;
  • temperature screening for those, arriving in Ukraine from countries with coronavirus registered, introduced at the airport "Borispol".



  • 7 seven hospitals identified to hospitalize people with suspected coronavirus: 3 hospitals were equipped for children, another 3 will hospitalize adults, and 1 - for pregnant women;
  • 2 specialized teams shall operate in Kyiv to transport patients with suspected coronavirus;
  • 500 beds are prepared: 237 for adults, 200 for children and 63 for pregnant women.
  • On March 10, tests for the diagnosis of coronavirus were sent to Kyiv. The capital received 1200 test systems, there will be 5,000 of them by the end of the week. Express tests will be sent to 7 base hospitals for admission of patients with suspected coronavirus.

Volyn region

All medical facilities received due instructions. The department of health reports the oblast is ready for a potential outbreak of coronavirus.

  • 2 basic hospitals are ready to accept patients with the virus;
  • 2 ambulance crews were also identified, one in Lutsk, another in Kovel. These teams will only visit patients with suspected coronavirus. The teams have a complete set of personal protection.
  • The facilities that will provide medical care for patients with coronavirus have already reserved 167,000 surgical masks and 200 respirators.

Lviv region

  • 1 hospital defined to be a basic medical facility for coronavirus patients.
  • 410 beds, another 20 beds - in isolation wards;
  • 6 beds in the intensive care unit.

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Rivne region

  • 2 hospitals for possible patients with coronavirus were identified in the region;
  • another 3 medical facilities will be “in reserve”.

Odesa region

  • 1 hospital set as a basic facility for those with coronavirus;
  • 20 boxes for 65 beds are already ready;
  • Izmail hospital will be an additional hospital base;
  • quick response teams created in the region;
  • reserve groups of doctors got additional training.


Dnipropetrovsk region

  • 4 ambulance brigades;
  • 2 hospitals are ready to receive patients;
  • according to the Regional State Administration, the institutions are provided with all the necessary funds and medicines to comply with the anti-epidemic regime, as well as isolation of patients;
  • locations for possible observation are being considered.


Ivano-Frankivsk region

  • 170 people with suspected coronavirus can be simultaneously hospitalized in isolated wards;
  • 12,500 masks;
  • 300 respirators;
  • 8 hospital units with 435 beds.



Khmelnytsky region

Khmelnytsky Infectious Disease Hospital will be the main institution for hospitalizing infected people.

  • 150 beds in infection hospital department;
  • 16 boxes;
  • intensive care unit;
  • 35 pulse oximeters;
  • 31 manual respiratory systems;
  • 35 infusion pumps;
  • 285 thousand medical masks;
  • 2 mechanical ventilators and oxygen concentrators.

Zhytomyr region

2 infectious hospital departments were identified as basic medical facilities for patients with (suspected) coronavirus:

  • 240 beds, 78 of them are boxed;
  • 139 units of medical transport;
  • 2 medical teams;
  • 22,000 disposable masks;
  • 444 respirators;
  • 140 protective goggles;
  • 40 protective bio-suits.

Vinnytsia region

  • 1 infectious hospital department is now isolated;
  • boxed wards have separate entrances for patients and for medical personnel;
  • bathrooms for each box are equipped with separate disinfection systems and are not connected to the general sewage system;
  • there are enough protective suits in the department.



    Cherkasy region

  • 2 hospital bases have been identified;
  • a ventilator;
  • 4 oxygen concentrators;
  • 3 specialized ambulance crews

Zakarpattia region


  • 1 intensive care unit in the region with:
  • artificial lung ventilation apparatus;
  • centralized oxygen supply;
  • portable oxygen concentrators that can be delivered to any room, or a box;
  • a sufficient number of liquids for disinfection, detoxification;
  • a stock of antibiotics (in case of bacterial complications).


Chernivtsi region

  • infectious department of Chernivtsi Military Hospital shall be completely reconstructed for hospitalizing those with coronavirus;
  • military doctors are also ready to treat civilian patients having re-equipped the internal medicine department for the needs of infectious disease physicians.

Kirovohrad region

  • 557 infectious beds: 275 for adults, 282 for children;
  • 2 hospitals to hospitalize patients with coronavirus, both equipped with resuscitation beds;
  • 2 specialized emergency medical care teams, both provided with the necessary staff protective equipment.

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Chernihiv region

  • 16 infectious departments with 427 beds and 124 boxes for 217 beds;
  • hospital facilities for the hospitalization of patients with suspected coronavirus disease and the specialized emergency medical teams have been identified.

Zaporizhia region

  • 1 hospital will be the main hospital base;
  • temperature screening for those arriving by plane from countries with registered cases of COVID-19, visual examination and questioning performed.

Mykolayiv region

  • 1 medical center is ready to hospitalize 200 patients with coronavirus, and more if necessary.

Kherson region

  • 1 hospital shall be the base for providing medical care to COVID-19 patients;
  • 135 beds;
  • 6 intensive care beds;
  • 400 boxed squads is organized in the region.

Donetsk region

It is noted that the region is completely ready for any development of the situation with coronavirus - hospitals are equipped with the necessary, prepared for the possible admission of patients, doctors are trained in the algorithm of action.

  • 1 infectious diseases hospital will accept patients as a quarantine institution;
  • another 3 infectious hospitals shall be basic medical facilities for hospitalization.

Luhansk region

  • 1 hospital defined a basic medical facility in the region;
  • another 2 shall be in reserve
  • the head of the Luhansk Regional State Administration Serhiy Gaiday ordered to provide emergency medical teams duty at the checkpoints which are currently operating in the region - in Stanytsya Luhanska, Melov, Prosyan, Tanyushevka;
  • additional non-contact infrared thermometers were given to the border guards to enhance the temperature control of people crossing the checkpoints.

Sumy region

  • 4 hospitals defined as an observational base for those with suspected coronavirus infection: 2 hospitals for children and 2 for adults.

Similar departments are also identified in every regional center of Ukraine.

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