Commitment of crime in street, near TV channel in day time is suicide for criminal

Source : 112 Ukraine

The criminal lawyer Ganna Malyar commented on the crime near the 112 TV channel in 112 airing
15:25, 17 August 2017

112 Agency

The attackers acted unprofessionally and uncoordinated. It is notable in the video that they are choked with emotions and they could not manage them because their movements and actions are chaotic. They left the knife on the scene of the crime and the expert study will define whether it is the cold steel or not but they left the certain clue behind. Why did they turn the alarm of the car? It almost made me laugh because all passers-by who did not understand what is going on turned back and began to capture this on video.  

The criminals got themselves noticed and it shows their unprofessionalism.

Moreover, I see that the criminals acted each in their own scenario. It is obvious that they were choked with emotions and it is obvious that they do not have extensive experience or they had a poor grasp of it because they cannot commit a crime without leaving behind the clues.

Most probably, it is the criminals but those who do not prepare carefully. For example, what were the criteria of the choice of the place of the scene of the crime? It took place in the street, in the day time, in front of the windows of the TV channel where many passers-by and it is a suicide for a criminal to commit a crime at such place. Possibly they are not local people and they did not know where they do this or possibly they are extremely intellectually limited.

Unfortunately, this crime did not astonish a lot of people. Unfortunately, the audacious crimes take place in day time in the center of the big cities these days. It is an echo of the political and economic crisis that continues in Ukraine; it is an echo of the war because according to different sources it was possibly not the non-lethal but the combat weapon. It is an echo of the war. A lot of illegal weaponry is spread along the territory of Ukraine and the illegal weaponry is used to commit the crimes.

The chances to land them are very high. It is really strange that the crime is captured from all sides. It will be really difficult for the law enforcements to tell that they did not see the criminal. Despite the fact that the criminal covered his face with a hood, the specialist will identify him after the body-build and movements. Moreover, the car is identified. I think that the amber alert will work and the car will be stopped and then the police will find the attackers.

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