Canada, U.S. start issuance of anti-Covid-19 helmets

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The helmets are equipped with ventilators and a system to purify the air and work on electric power; scientists cannot confirm their efficacy due to the lack of research work
16:13, 17 November 2020

Helmet developed by Yezin Al-Qaysi

Canadian VZYR Technologies Company and American Valhalla Medical Design Company have started the release of helmets against coronavirus, as BBC reported.

Canadian inventor Yezin Al-Qaysi has been using his product for two months. His helmet made from hazmat (hazardous materials) covers the head and upper torso and it also has a visor that extends to the chest. The backplate has the ventilator with a battery and respirator system with a filter that purifies the intake air and put stale air out.

A 32-year-old man stated that many people on the street are interested in his invention.

"Somebody screamed: 'Where did you get that!' and many people approach me out of curiosity," Al-Qaysi said.

His helmet is called BioVYZR. The battery charge lasts for 12 hours. The Canadian stated that his VZYR Technologies Company has sales in the "tens of thousands" mark.

Such a device from coronavirus was patented by U.S. inventor, U.S. Navy veteran Chris Ehlinger.

"These helmets in a sense psychologically prepare us for the future destiny of our species," the 35-year-old man said.

His Valhalla Medical Design Company based in Austin, Texas, released NE-1 product that looks like a motorcycle helmet. Except for the powered air filtration system, it has internal and external microphones and speakers, so that the wearer can more easily speak to people around him or her. The helmet also has transmission of sound through Bluetooth and it allows to make phone calls or listen to music.

Helmet developed by Chris Ehlinger

Michael Hall, whose firm sells PAPR helmets called Air, believes that they will be popular in long-term prospects among people who are concerned about bad air quality even after the Covid-19 pandemic. His Hall Labs Company from Yuta has already sold 3,000 helmets. Currently, the firm works on high-tech versions. In the new model, the visor turns into a monitor that can play videos.

"And for airline travel, we'll be able to create a segment [with helmets that work] like noise-canceling headphones," he said.

Meanwhile, Natasha Duwin, whose Octo Safety Devices Company based in Florida produces the facial masks pointed out the disadvantages of these devices.

"Yet because each one of these helmets depends on at least two filtration systems, batteries, and [other things], all these items can break down. And if only one of them breaks down, you are in serious trouble,” she said.

The mentioned three helmets costs from $149 up to $379 but one of them has not received a certificate yet.

However, each of the firms states that it approaches to the final stage of the process.

Dr Suzanne Pham, medical director of the Covid-19 response team at Weiss Memorial Hospital in Chicago, stated that the efficacy of these helmets in the fight against Covid-19 is not proved as they are not researched enough.

As we reported earlier, according to the results of the clinical trials, Moderna's vaccine against coronavirus is 94.5% effective.


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