Brain drain is one of most important problems in Ukraine, but officials care little about it

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For the transformation of Ukraine, a state apparatus of a different quality is needed. We need to fight for the brains, not squeeze them out of the country. Fight for every person to stay here
22:51, 17 March 2021

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Battle for brains.

The world is changing so rapidly that yesterday's medicines, which worked perfectly half a century ago, may no longer be suitable for modern states.

The industrial world presented some rules to the country pretend to be in the first world, while the digital world presents completely different ones.

If we take all the best that Sweden, Germany, Estonia were doing at the moment when they became rich, the maximum we can achieve is to start slowly catching up with Poland. And this is clearly not enough.

If for the industrial world it was enough to create conditions for talented and enterprising people, today we need conditions for everyone. And there should be as many of these as possible.

The United States has made its digital breakthrough thanks to unicorn companies that have created a system of accelerators that support digital talent. But why will China and India still overtake the United States?

China and India are not betting on talented people, but on everyone. China and India strive to provide each brain of their country with an information and financial resource for its maximum disclosure and implementation.

Every Chinese person writes his own business plan, and in this he is supported by his family, school, community, banks, zero percent mortgages, affordable loans, private and public venture funds. Everything around contributes to the growth, development, realization of each individual.

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And each family has its own business plan, each community has its own, each settlement has its own, and the country as a whole has its own. The entire Chinese society is moving towards one goal - improving the personal well-being of every Chinese, improving the well-being of every family, every community, every settlement, every company, every corporation.

So for China, strange as it may sound, every citizen who works for a common goal is valuable. Yes, I realize that many of the party's methods can be perceived by a person who considers himself a European as anti-human, but this is a separate conversation. The result is on the scoreboard.

What prevents you from doing this in Ukraine? A huge apparatus of oppression, sharpened to extortion and humiliation of each individual citizen. In our country, it is impossible to imagine that an official would think about the fact that each pensioner had the opportunity to update his gadget annually and had constant access to the Internet. So the state apparatus deliberately disconnects several million experienced brains from the general work. Why?

Because the state apparatus and citizens do not have a common goal. The state apparatus does not understand its purpose. The state apparatus does not understand that everything depends on it. Literally everything. The flight of citizens from the country is the main problem, because this is a brain flight. These brains are embedded in the networks of other communities and work for their benefit, becoming part of them.

For the transformation of Ukraine, a state apparatus of a different quality is needed. We need to fight for the brains, not squeeze them out of the country. Fight for every person to stay here ... We are losing not only hands, we are losing brains.

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