Blow to royal family: What Harry and Meghan Markle's interview was about and how public reacts

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British tabloids opposed the spouses, and celebrities from the United States supported the couple
13:48, 10 March 2021

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In recent days, the front pages of tabloids and social media have been discussing Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's sensational CBS interview with Oprah Winfrey. It was sensational, because Meghan said about racism in the royal family, as well as that after the wedding she was isolated, without rights and trapped.

We will tell you what other high-profile accusations Meghan made, how the tabloids in the UK and celebrities in the USA perceived her interview, as well as where the couple lives now.

What was the interview about

Accusation # 1: Talking about Archie's skin color and losing his title

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Meghan revealed that the royals have discussed several times how dark her son Archie's skin will be. However, she did not name the names from whom exactly these incorrect phrases sounded. Prince Harry was a witness to the conversation, but he refused to answer directly. It is only known that this is not Elizabeth or Philip.

Meghan added that during her pregnancy she was informed that Archie would not be given the title of prince and he would not receive protection. Meghan says that this is a violation of tradition only in the case of her son.

“When I was pregnant, they said they wanted to change traditions for Archie. I wonder why? But the very thought that our son would not be safe, and the thought that the first non-white child of the family would not receive the same title as and other grandchildren..." said Meghan.

Accusation # 2: Kate Middleton brought Markle to tears

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Oprah Winfrey asked Meghan about the conflict with Kate Middleton, during which she allegedly brought the latter to tears. Meghan stated that the situation was exactly the opposite.

Kate made her cry on the eve of the wedding because they did not agree on the color of the dresses for the girls, which were supposed to carry the bouquets during the wedding ceremony. But after that, Kate apologized and even sent her flowers.

A secret wedding without a royal family

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The couple admitted that in fact their wedding took place three days before the ceremony, which was broadcast by TV channels.

"It was a show for the rest of the world, but we wanted to do this ceremony just for us," Meghan said.

They took part in a small private ceremony held by the Bishop of Canterbury and to which no guests or even family members were invited. The wedding photo, which now hangs on the wall in their house, was taken at this private ceremony. At the same time, the alliance between Meghan and Prince Harry was legally concluded during the official wedding.

Accusation # 4: Trap, loneliness, and suicidal thoughts

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Meghan said that after the wedding she felt lonely and was forced to remain silent. She also revealed that while she was a member of the royal family, she had thoughts of suicide.

She reached out to several senior courtyard officials and asked for help or treatment. But she was told that such a step would cause a bad reaction.

After that, she turned to one of the best friends of Princess Diana, but thoughts of suicide continued to visit her. Meghan also admitted that she felt that she was in captivity: after the wedding, her driver's license, passport and bank cards were taken from her.

Harry also added that his brother William and father Charles were trapped.

"I used to be trapped in the system, like my father and brother, and I didn't understand it. I love my brother, but we have different paths with him. We have a difficult relationship with my father now, but I hope to improve it. If not for Meghan, I would never have done what I did. She saved me, "says Harry.

He also added that if they had received more support from the royal family, they would have stayed.

Accusation # 5: Ignoring Charles

Harry claimed to be ignored by the royal family when Meghan had suicidal thoughts.

“I tried to find help within the royal family, but I couldn't,” says Harry.

His relatives had several opportunities to publicly stand up for Meghan, but they did not. Before resigning, Harry spoke to the Queen three times and Charles twice. As a result, he stopped answering calls.

Accusation # 6 after the interview: On the "lying attacks of Buckingham Palace"

After the release of the teaser of the interview with Oprah Winfrey, the Times newspaper published a story about how Meghan allegedly forced two personal assistants to resign and caused moral injury to a third.

Buckingham Palace said it is concerned about the news of staff bullying and will take a close look at it. After that, the representative of the Duchess of Sussex released a statement that she was "upset by the accusations of bullying her assistants while she was still living in Kensington Palace. And she is not going to remain silent." According to the representative of the Duchess, this was another personal attack on her.

"The Duchess is saddened by this latest personal attack on her because she herself was a victim of bullying and fully supports those who have experienced similar pain and trauma," the statement said.

How did public react to the scandal

For a whole week, American television posted teasers, from which it was clear that this would be a high-profile interview.

In the UK, tabloids condemned the couple for the late release of the interview, because 99-year-old Prince Philip is now in the hospital after heart surgery.

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The conservative tabloid Daily Mail, next to a photo of Harry and Meghan on the front page, posted the headline "What Have They Done?" with the following text below: "Disastrous allegations. Provocative accusations of racism against their own family ...”

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Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and William held crisis talks. They decide how to formally respond to a series of accusations from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. According to the DailyMail, rumors are coming from the palace that Queen Elizabeth has refused to sign an official statement regarding Oprah Winfrey's interview. The palace has issued an official statement highlighting the royal family's love for the couple in an attempt to avoid further escalating tensions. However, the queen decided not to rush to sign it.

Buckingham Palace is now in a state of "intense personal shock and sadness" as Prince Harry pressed the "nuclear button in his own family", "the staff is devastated and wandering aimlessly."

In the US, Harry and Meghan's interview found support. Tennis player Serena Williams made a post in support of Meghan and Harry, noting that she was proud of their courage.

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“Her words illustrate the pain and cruelty she experienced. I know firsthand that institutions and the media use sexism and racism to denigrate women and people of color, to reduce us to a minimum, to break and demonize us. We must condemn the malicious, unjustified gossip and tabloid journalism. I want daughter Megan, my daughter and your daughters to live in a society that is governed in terms of respect,” said the tennis player.

Hillary Clinton said it was sad to hear that "this incredibly educated woman has not been fully accepted not only by the bureaucracy that surrounds the royal family, but also by the British tabloids."

Poetess Amanda Gorman, who spoke at Joe Biden's inauguration, also stood up for Meghan Markle.

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"Megan lives the life that Diana should have had if only those around them were bolder. Megan lives not without pain, but without a prison. Megan has become the Crown's best opportunity for change, rebirth and reconciliation. And they did not just mock her light , they lost it, "Gorman wrote.

What Meghan and Harry are doing now

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Harry and Megan first lived in a rented house in California after moving to the United States, and then purchased a house in Santa Barbara, next to Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres.

In August, they published a book about life in the royal family. The publication contains previously unknown details of the personal life of Duchess Megan and Prince Harry. The announcement of the book took place on Princess Charlotte's birthday, which sparked a wave of accusations that they are doing important things on purpose for significant dates for members of the royal family.

In the fall, the couple announced the launch of their charity website, The couple founded their own production company, Archewell Audio, and signed a deal with Netflix. The plans are to release documentaries, TV series, shows and children's programs. They also signed to Spotify and recorded a new podcast.

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