Belgium, Germany, Italy, Australia, Switzerland: Protesters rally against coronavirus measures

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The spread of coronavirus in many world countries is worsening, forcing local authorities to take drastic measures and tighten the lockdown again
23:21, 8 September 2020


The situation with the spread of coronavirus in many world countries is worsening, forcing local authorities to take drastic measures and tighten quarantine again. Often, people who are already accustomed to living without restrictions are not ready for their return, which results in massive street protests.

Over the past weekend, they took place in several countries simultaneously.

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Belgium. Brussels

On Sunday afternoon, about 350 people took to the streets of the Belgian capital, according to the local online publication Le Soir.

Le Soir

The posters that the demonstrators brought with them bore the words "Live your life, the epidemic is over" and "Killed by the mask." People chanted: "I breathe freely!"

According to police spokesman Olivier Sloss, most of the protesters came without masks and did not follow the rules of social distancing, so it was decided to stop the demonstrations.

At first, law enforcement officers issued several verbal warnings, but after people ignored them, they began dispersing the protesters. The police clarified that they did not use special means such as gas Two people were detained. One of them hit a policeman in the face, after which the latter had to be taken to the hospital.

In mid-August in Brussels, a mandatory mask regime was introduced due to the increase in the number of new cases of Covid-19 infection.

Now all persons over 12 years of age must wear a mask that covers the nose and mouth, both in public and private territories. This rule must be observed even in the fresh air when it comes to the central streets of the city. Otherwise, the violator will pay a 250 euro fine.

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As of September 7, more than 88,000 cases of coronavirus were registered in Belgium, of which 9,900 people died.

Italy. Rome

In the Italian capital on Sunday, a protest against the mandatory vaccination of schoolchildren and the need to wear masks at school gathered about a thousand people, France 24 reports.

According to the TV channel, among the demonstrators were opponents of vaccinations and supporters of various conspiracy theories. They were holding posters: "No masks, no social distancing", "Personal freedom is inviolable," and "Long live freedom."

AP photo

A similar protest rally took place in Rome on Saturday. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte reacted to it with restraint, noting that the country no longer faces a complete lockdown, and if necessary, restrictive measures will be introduced locally.

As of September 7, more than 277,600 cases of coronavirus were registered in Italy, of which more than 35,500 people died.

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Switzerland. Canton of Uri

About 350 people on Saturday marched from the train station in Flüelen (a commune in the canton of Uri) to the iconic monument to Wilhelm Tell in Altdorf (the capital of the canton), Swissinfo writes.


The protest was sanctioned, its participants opposed the forced wearing of masks in public transport.

They carried criticized the measures taken by the authorities to combat the spread of the coronavirus, calling them "disproportionate" and called for greater personal responsibility. The total quarantine in Switzerland ended in mid-June, after which 26 cantons received the right to independently set the rules for combating the pandemic.

Until October 1, mass public events and gatherings with the participation of more than one thousand people are prohibited in the country.

As of September 7, almost 44,600 cases of coronavirus were registered in Switzerland, of which more than 2,000 people died.

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Australia. Melbourne, Sydney

In Australia, quarantine protests were held in several large cities at once. For example, in Melbourne, the capital of the state of Victoria, which has recently become a coronavirus hotspot in the country, about 300 people took to the streets, despite the ban on group gatherings.

According to the BBC, the demonstration ended with the arrest of 15 protesters: 14 people were detained for violating isolation rules and another for attacking a policeman. More than 150 fines were issued.


Victoria is known to account for 75% of all infections in Australia and 90% of all deaths.

The strict quarantine, which includes a night curfew, reception restrictions and a travel ban more than 5 km, has been in effect here since July. The day before, it was extended until September 28.

According to local media reports, protests also took place in Sydney, the capital of New South Wales and the city of Byron Bay. In total, the police detained 14 people, including three of them on suspicion of attacking law enforcement officers.

As of September 7, almost 26,300 cases of coronavirus were registered in Australia, of which 762 people died.

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Croatia. Zagreb

In the Croatian capital on Saturday, a protest demonstration was held under the name "Festival of Freedom", Croatia Week writes. Several thousand people took part in it.

The protesters came with the slogans: "Take off your mask, turn off the TV, live life in full," "Covid-19 is a lie, we are not all covidiots," "Better a grave than being a slave," etc.

According to law enforcement officials, the rally was held peacefully, it was authorized. No arrests were reported.

As of September 7, more than 12,000 cases of coronavirus were registered in Croatia, of which more than 200 died.

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Quarantine situation in Ukraine

From Monday, September 7, a new epidemic zoning began to operate in the country, according to which three regional centers were in the "red" zone of epidemic danger: Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk, and Ternopil.

Open source

Local authorities in the last two cities disagreed with this decision and filed a lawsuit against the Cabinet of Ministers. In Ivano-Frankivsk, despite the ban, schools and kindergartens will open from next Monday.

Let us remind you that public transport, it is prohibited to visit educational institutions, catering establishments, malls, business centers, and shops, located in the "red" zone.

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