American tragedy 9/11: most large-scale terrorist attack in US

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The US remembers the victims of the terrorist attack that took place in 2001 and was world-shacking
18:31, 11 September 2017


The series of the terrorist attacks at the towers of the World Trade Center in New York and Pentagon building in Washington on September 11, 2001 made the whole world to adhere to the TV screens. 2977 people: 246 passengers of the planes, 2606 in the trade center in New York and 125 at the Pentagon building died in the result of the coordinated attacks. The citizens of 92 countries, including the US became the victims of the terrorists. The 11th September was celebrated as the Patriot Day since 2002 and this date was renamed to the 'National Day of Service and Remembrance since 2009.

The beginning

The terrorists hijacked four commercial airliners with the passengers in the early morning of September 11. The issue is about such flights: 11 American Airlines, 175 United Airlines, 77 American Airlines and 93 United Airlines. They aimed to California from the Logan, Dulles and Newark airports.

Some passengers were able to use their cell and satellite phones after the hijacking of the planes to report on what happened.


According to them, the terrorists used the cold steel arms and a few flight attendants, at least one passenger and at least one pilot died in the result of it.

Moreover, the terrorists used the gas cylinders and threatened to blow up the plane three times while the investigation stated that most likely the attackers did not have the explosive bombs.

 The chronology

The moment of silence begins at 08:46 by North American Eastern time. At this time the first plane crushed into the North tower of the World Trade Center in 2001.

The second plane crashed into the South tower in 17 minutes later at 09:03. Both towers fell in less than 90 minutes. About 50 000 people worked there everyday.


The third hijacked plane crashed into the western face of Pentagon at 09:37 and the fourth plane fell to the field at the south of Pennsylvania. It aimed to the Capitol or the White House but the passengers hindered the terrorists to implement their   intentions.

The panic

All commercial flights were cancelled during the attack and the landing of the planes was prohibited all over the country (except the inner flights that were in the air).

The fighter aircrafts of the Air Forces and the National Guard patrolled over the big cities. The reports on the new terrorist attacks were received all the time and appeared to be false (particularly the report on the explosion of the bomb in the car near the Department of State, explosion of the Truman Building in Washington and others).


Moreover, it was reported that one more plane was hijacked but this information also turned out to be false.

The Emergency Alert System (EAS) was set ready in the increased readiness stat but it was not used.

For the first time ever all civilian aircraft vehicles were landed all over the territory of the US and Canada except those that were owned by the police or performed the medicine flights.

The country was wrapped up in the chaos.

The victims

At least 200 people among all died preferred to die from the fall from the highest floors of the towers that to die in the fire.


Also, 341 firemen, two paramedic of the Fire Department of New York, 60 policemen and eight workers of the ambulance died.

1600 bodies were recognized in New York and about 1000 people remained to be unidentified.

The average age of the victims was about 40 years.

The official narrative

According to the investigation, 19 militants (the citizens of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Lebanon) were a part of Al-Qaeda organization. Osama bin Laden was called the order giver of the terrorist attack and the US, the UK and Afghanistan started a joint operation in October 2011 to capture him.


The official narrative was severely criticized. It was doubtful that the nature of the towers' collapse corresponded to those that could be caused by the plane crashes and the fires.

The special committee that investigated the terrorist attack also considered the possibility of the participation of the organization from Saudi Arabia. However, the official representative of the White House reported that there are no authoritative evidences of it.

The conspiracy theories

The alternative theories towards the terrorist attack expanded among the society alongside the official narrative on the belonging of the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda to the attack.

The theory of the manageable demolition

The theory of the manageable demolition provides that the collapse of the towers of the World Trade Center occurred not in the result of the fire or damages caused by the planes' crashes but due to the blow up of the explosive items settled in the building beforehand.


The supporters of this theory are the physicist Steven E. Jones from the Brigham Young University, architect Richard Gage, engineer and programmer Jim Hoffman and theologian David Ray Griffin. They claim that the planes' crashes and the fire caused by the crashes could not weaken the skeleton of the building so much to cause the catastrophic collapse and the buildings could not completely collapse with such speed without additional source of the impact.

The attack at the Pentagon

Some admirers of the conspiracy theories claim that the authorities intentionally decided not to shoot down the plane that aimed at the Pentagon; others claim that any plane crashed into the Pentagon.

Online CNN poll of 2014 showed the high disbelief of the citizens to the statements of the government towards the tragedy. 89% of the people answered in the affirmative that the US government hides the information on the terrorist attacks of September 11.

The consequences

The US economy staggered in the result of the terrorist attack. The American shareholding lost 1.2 trillion dollars during one week.

Moreover, the collapse of the towers сaused the discharge of the big amount of the toxic emissions that caused to the growth of the diseases among the rescuers.

The National Memorial is situated at the place of the tragedy nowadays.

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