Lefiiskief. The story of British Ukrainian

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British party girl of Ukrainian origin Olenka Kolorova, spoke about how and why she came back to her historical homeland, and told how to enjoy life, The People
17:00, 4 July 2015

My parents were born in Dnepropetrovsk, but each in his time moved to England. There they met, and I was born. When I was young, I just loved to travel! I used to live in Canada, then moved to Munich, and then came to Ukraine. My first visit to Ukraine was in 1991. One of my sisters had been living there since 1996. Once I have got a job offer from the British School in Dnipropetrovsk, and I agreed.

I remember the market in the downtown, where I bought some bright and original clothes. It was a real exotic! I was meeting with local DJs, attending underground gatherings and just went mad from it! So much amazing people in one place!

Fluorescent world

Mostly, we are surrounded by the greyness of life, therefore exclusive and unusual things attracts me a lot. Even in the West, most people live with certain stereotypes, look the same, but I appreciate when people express their individuality, diversity, and originality.
My style is unique. I like the images of the '60s: psychedelic colors, original hairstyles, vivid fluorescence. This “addict” originated in the '80s, when I’ve been to Amsterdam for the first time, and bought my first fluorescent earrings and sweater. That is how my hobby to collect colorful things began.
I have everything, everything colorful, from underpants to outerwear, from accessories to kitchen furniture. Recently I’ve found beautiful multi-colored pots. It was like a rainbow, placed into my sideboard!
My favorite color is orange. Bright things find me. When I see something colorful, it attracts me immediately. I’m fond of 60-70s vintage. Everyone thinks I'm just wearing fluorescent things, then listen to trance, but it has nothing to do - I can go to different parties, but my style does not depend on the music preferences; it just comes from the inside.
I think of myself as gleeful, optimistic, and cheery. Yes, I don’t have my own house or car, and I do not collect the gold. My greatest treasure is my son Zoryan. He loves classic clothes, but he totally takes my unusual taste though”.

My life motto is lifeiskeif.

They always pay attention to my image, and make compliments.
People often ask why I do not go back to UK or Germany, why do I stay in Ukraine. You know, I feel good everywhere, wherever I go. Now I’m living in Kiev and teaching English kids. There is no place like home. I feel like being happy. That's because I create a good mood wherever I’ve been.


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