112 Ukraine TV Channel launches a new project - TV presenters become 'presidential candidates'

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112 Ukraine TV channel launches a unique project in the lead-up to the new year and presidential elections in Ukraine – the hosts become ideal presidential candidates
11:59, 28 December 2018
112 Agency

The TV channel has issued a calendar for 2019 in the style of the pre-election boards, where the candidates for the highest post are the news anchors. Only those, who work at 112 Ukraine TV channel from the beginning of its broadcasting, were able to participate in the project. The important part of this project is the slogans, which help the “candidates” to win. All “campaign promises” of the ideal candidates concern only the freedom of speech and draw attention to the situation with the closing of the TV channels in Ukraine one more time.

Thus, Anna Stepanets reminded the situation with putting pressure on the independent mass media in Ukraine in her “pre-election slogan”. She urged to give a resounding “No” to the interference in the work of the mass media. Besides, Inna Kercha reminded that “The independent country should have independent mass media”. Serhiy Huluyk supported the colleagues and noted that one of the main principles of the civilized society is “Safety of the journalist is above all!”.

“No” to authorities interference into work of mass media! (Hanna Stepanets)
112 Agency

Independent mass media for independent country! (Inna Kercha)
112 Agency

Security of a journalist is above all! (Serhiy Hulyuk)
112 Agency

TV hosts of the morning and evening programs alike expressed their principal stance. Viktoriya Kiose is the first to share the news with the audience at 6 a.m. every day, as she hosts ‘112 Minutes’ morning show. She urges for the ‘free access to information for everyone’. At that, the hosts of ‘Evening Prime’ program marked the necessity to adhere to the European values. Pavlo Kuzheyev, for one, insists that ‘the free expression of views and thoughts is the right of every person’. Elina Beketova, then, states, that the ‘freedom of speech is the key feature of the European state’.  

The authors of information projects of the TV channel, typically, are quite persistent. Volodymyr Poluyev, the host of the main political talk show is sure that ‘there will be freedom of speech in Ukraine!’.  His colleagues from 112 Ukraine’s social talk show ‘Challenge’ insist on Ukraine’s path to the democratic society. Tetyana Khmelnytska is confident that in this country, ‘the fourth power is the guardian of the freedom of speech’. Her counterpart Tetyana Ivanska remembers the well-known axiom of ‘the democratic society without censorship in the media’.

Free access to information for everyone! (Viktoria Kiose)
112 Agency

Freedom to express views and thoughts is a common right! (Pavlo Kuzheyev)
112 Agency

Freedom of speech is the main feature for a European country! (Elina Beketova)
112 Agency

Let there be freedom of speech in Ukraine! (Volodymyr Poluyev)
112 Agency

“Fourth Estate” stands on guard over freedom of speech! (Tetyana Khmelnytska)
112 Agency

Democratic society without censorship of media! (Tetyana Ivanska)
112 Agency

The representatives of the news sector of 112 Ukraine were rather concise. LIVE host Yuriy Bibik raised a question: “Are you ready to tell the truth?”. While Olexiy Ananov urges to give “Freedom to independent media of Ukraine”. Ivan Kostroba, the news anchor of 112 Ukraine, is very optimistic. He is sure that there will be “More good news”.

Are you ready to speak the truth? (Yuriy Bibik)
112 Agency

Freedom to independent media in Ukraine! (Oleksiy Ananov)
112 Agency

More good news! (Ivan Kostroba)
112 Agency

Certainly, the presidential race is not just about the candidates, it also involves teamwork! This project of 112 Ukraine TV channel confirms this idea. Nataliya Yakushyna, Elvira Dzyuba, Kateryna Oksamytna, and Mariya Skrypkina – the makeup artists of 112 Ukraine worked on the appearance of the participants along with Valeriya Semchuk, the stylist of the TV channel. The art-service of 112 Ukraine, including Andriy Makhno, Lyudmyla Bulak and Kateryna Gorban, was responsible for the calendar design. The idea of the project belongs to the PR-service of the TV channel – Yuliya Pavlenko, Anastasiya Mamotyuk, and Anastasiya Semenchuk. Famous Ukrainian photographer Vadym Yatsun was doing the shooting of the hosts. He created lots of the covers of different magazines and his works are shown and sold on the Ukrainian and foreign exhibitions and in the galleries.

The backstage which demonstrates the atmosphere and mood of the creation of the project was made by 112 Ukraine promotion service – Viktor Pokrasov, Anna Kapatsyna, and Vyacheslav Rykov.

It is important to mention that none of the anchormen nominated for the participation in the presidential elections, they are not going to do that in the future. All the images were created by the stylists special for each of the participants. Any similarity with prominent politicians is accidental.

112 Ukraine is an informational and analytical TV channel which broadcasts 18,5 hours per day on air and uses modern technologies to be the first channel to provide the unbiased information on important and interesting events going on in Ukraine and in the world. This is mentioned in the respective statement by Artem Marchevskyi, the Chief Producer, and Yehor Benkendorf, Director General of 112 Ukraine.

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