11-year-old Kyiv school girl presented Chat Pis to the Royal Family of Belgium

She decided to surprise King Philip I and Queen Matilda with her sculpture in order to get into the educational institution, despite her young age
12:11, 27 November 2019

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On the way to the dream. An 11-year-old Kyiv school girl Kseniya Zbyshko created a sculpture for the royal family of Belgium to be accepted in the Royal Academy of Arts before the normal age.

An 11-year-old Ksenia has been studying in the arts school for four years already, but when she can't remember when she took a pencil in her hands for the first time. And she loses the count when counting her works.

“I started drawing and sculpting in my childhood. It inspired me very much and I really liked it. I used up the whole album, drawing some simple sketches,” the young artist says.

Ksenia’s masterpieces now cost a pretty penny, foreign art lovers are ready to buy them. But the girl says that her art is not for sale.

“I don’t like selling my works, and I don’t want to sell them at all, because I was trying hard, I made them for myself. And if, for example, I will have to make custom piece, then I will make it customized and get over it. But I can’t give anything, I can’t give my works away," Ksenia says.

Two years ago, Ksenia visited Antwerp and took part in the annual Lambermormarter exhibition-fair. After traveling to Belgium, the girl got excited about the idea of studying at the Royal Academy of Arts. Therefore, she decided to surprise King Philip I and Queen Matilda with her sculpture in order to get into the educational institution, despite her young age.

“We watched all kinds of video recordings of all kinds of sculptured by Belgian architects and we saw that there is Petit Julien, the Jeanneke Pis, and the Chien Pis, and it seemed to me that Chat Pis is what this family of the world culture masterpieces definitely lacks," she said.

Work on the sculpture was in full swing for over a month. However, Ksenia says that time passed quickly. And soon the royal family will receive a letter where the girl speaks about her work of art.

“I wrote that when I visited Belgium, I liked it very much. And that I wanted to present such a gift. To leave part of myself. I would like to make a contribution into the history of Belgium,” the artist says.

Ksenia's parents are happy to support all the initiatives of their daughter and help her as much as they can.

“I fully support and believe that it is absolutely correct, despite her age, she is only 11 years old. But I believe that if she has such a desire ... Well, she generally has a lot of creative plans, she has a lot of thoughts. She loves animals very much, she is very seriously engaged in ecology issues. That is, by age she is a very, very developed child in this regard," Ksenia’s father says.

Ksenia looks forward to the response of the royal family and also confesses that she dreams of becoming a world-famous artist.



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