Russia lies about bombardments in Syria, - Bellingcat

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Only one target out of plenty bombed by Russia was in the ISIS held territory
17:49, 10 November 2016


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Russian Federation lies almost every single time about bombardments inside Syria. Eliot Higgins, the founder of the Bellingcat –  contributors who specialise in open source and social media investigation, told that in his interview to DW.

“Ultimate, the responsibility for sending military equipment into Ukraine is responsibility of commander of Russian military. So when a specific order came from is hard first to know, but keep in mind the joint investigation team have a large number of inceptive communications, that are a part of the case as well. So in there we have the person who requested the missile launcher and we can see who the request went to. And then we understand who they would have to actually spoken to allow that to happen,” said Eliot Higgins.

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“We’ve seen repeatedly the examples of hospitals being bombed inside Syria. And we’ve also seen a response by Russian Ministry of Defense - the denials. And we’ve investigated these denials. Time and time again they produce aerial imagery and satellite imagery, they claim something wasn’t bombed. And it turns out it was bombed. One example is they said they didn’t bomb mosque. And what they did there is they presented an aerial image showing a completely different mosque. They said we are bombing ISIS and this is what is happening. We were able to find every single target where those videos were filmed and only one of them was in ISIS held territory. The fact check showed that they were lying about the targets they were bombing,” told Higgins.

The founder of the Bellingcat also told why they are so focused on Russia?

“They give us so much low hanging fruit. They make a claim, the Russian ministry of Defense, that “we haven’t bombed this hospital”, we check the open source information and it turns out almost every single time they’re lying about that. Russia is so clever in intelligence, military interception stuff, but they are lying a lot. This doesn’t make you a good lier. And this is the problem Russia is having, they are very good at lying a lot, and it used to be Russia’s word against the West’s word. Now if Russia stopped lying about this stiff, we would have anything to write about Russia.”


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