Russia deploys modern ECM systems in Kaliningrad Oblast

Source : 112 Ukraine

Moscow-based Russian military specialists believe that the Samarkand electronic warfare system is capable of jamming the hostile communication systems, - Jamestown Foundation
14:49, 12 December 2018

Samarkand electronic warfare system

Russia builds up its military presence in a number of footbridges. Recently, the media reported the deployment of S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems in the annexed Crimea; and the process clearly continues, as Russia's cutting-edge electronic warfare systems appear in Kaliningrad Oblast, the Russian exclave in the Baltic region. Jamestown Foundation focused on the issue in its article.

'On October 28, the Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed that the latest version of the Samarkand EW system had been deployed to Kaliningrad and other strategic areas. At least 16 of these new systems were deployed in 13 units, as part of a wider program costing 61 million rubles ($920,000) and scheduled for completion by November 2019. Moscow-based Russian military specialists believe that the Samarkand EW system is designed to jam an adversary’s communication systems; it would target enemy command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR) assets and operate against GPS (including by “spoofing”), confusing enemy coordinates. Military analyst Vladislav Shurygin notes that the Samarkand is a suppression system, meaning that when enemy forces attempt to conduct operations within its zone, they will experience problems with communications and all electronic equipment, ranging from sights to guidance systems (Izvestia, October 28)', the story reads.

Certain types of such systems are expected to do more than merely jam the enemy infrastructure. 'In November, the leadership of the group of defense companies responsible for producing EW systems announced a new program to develop modernized EW protection for Russia’s various cruise missile types (Voyenno Promyshlennyy Kuryer, December 7)', the article said.

The outlet also specified, with references to Russia's defense industry experts, that both the ground-based and the naval versions of the ECM weapons are developed. 'Still, the importance of placing modernized EW assets in regions close to NATO’s borders underlies an effort to boost and consolidate existing A2/AD capability in such strategically important locations (, November 1)', Jamestown Foundation wrote.

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