First series of film about Putin: US, Al-Qaeda, Yeltsin

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What Putin was talking about in the first series of Oliver Stone’s documentary
22:40, 13 June 2017

The American TV Channel Showtime released the first series of the documentary about Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russia directed by Oliver Stone. The Russian leader talked about the moments of the biography and his attitude to political moments. Interfax reported this.  

Relations with the US. According to Putin, the American foreign policy is dictated by the imperial thinking. ‘In my opinion, the awareness of being the only world Power, the putting of the idea of the exclusivity myth to the people's minds is the imperial thinking in the society. And this demands the proper foreign policy that is expected by the society’, he claimed. Putin also noted that such strategy leads to the malfunction and problems in the practice. He also added that it is unreal to control everything.

The US supported the militia in Chechen War. The President of Russia claimed that ‘when we had the problems in Chechnya and North Caucasus, unfortunately, the Americans supported these processes.   Then the absolutely strong opinion was formed that when our Americans partners talked about the support of Russia, about the necessity of the cooperation to fight against terrorism, in the reality they used the terrorists to spill out the inner political situation in Russia’.

The US and Al-Qaeda. The President of Russia accused the US of the creation of Al-Qaeda.’ It is the result of the activity of our American friends’, he claimed. ‘It began since the Soviet –Afghan War when the American services supported different directions of the Islamic fundamentalism in the fight against the Soviet troops in Afghanistan’, Putin added. According to him,’ the Americans raised Al-Qaeda and bin Laden themselves but everything went out control’.

9/11 As Stone noted, Putin was ‘one of the first people who called to George W. Bush to offer the condolences’ after the terroristic attacks on September 11, 2001. In the turn, the Russian president said that he canceled the planned practice of the strategic nuclear forces to morally and politically support Washington. Talking about George W. Bush, Putin noted that ‘I felt that this is a man with whom it is possible to make arrangement and handle a case. Anyway, there was a hope for this'.

Afghanistan. Russia-the US. Stone also asked Putin about the cooperation of the US and Russia in Afghanistan. ‘When President Bush invaded Afghanistan, Putin cooperated with the US on the issue of this operation and prepared the bases on the Caucasus and Eurasia to enable the Americans to provide the supplies to Afghanistan ‘, Stone said.
Putin answered that it is not the exact information. ‘We did not form any bases for this. We had the division in Tajikistan since the Soviet times and we made a base from it later. We did this precisely on purpose to stop the terrorist dangerous direction to Afghanistan. However, we supported the US and allowed the supply of arms on our territory’, the President of Russia emphasized.
‘We think that this cooperation coincides with our interests and it is the sphere where we should unite our forces’, he noted. Putin also added that Moscow ‘provided special additional information to Washington, including the intelligence information’.

Nuclear weapons. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Russia had no secrets from the West, including the sphere of the nuclear weapons, as Putin claimed. According to him, ‘there were almost no secrets’.

‘The American observers permanently stayed at the one of the biggest and main enterprise that produced the elements of the nuclear weapon’, Putin said. He emphasized that ‘we were already open enough’ and ‘there were no additional threats that time’.

Refuse from Prime Minister position. Stone asked Putin a lot of private questions. Particularly, Putin told as he refused from the position of the Prime Minister that Boris Yeltsin offered to him in 1999.

‘He invited me to the office and said that he wants to appoint me to the position of the Prime Minister and he wants me to run for President. I answered that it is the great responsibility and I should change the whole life and I am not sure that I am ready for this’, Putin said.

He confessed that thought only about where he could hide the children. ‘Just imagine that I will be dismissed and there is no security, there is nothing and what should I do, how should I live to provide the security of my family?’ Putin said.

Deep sleep. Putin replied in the negative on the question of Stone whether he sees the nightmares or not. ‘I think that is because of the sport and military service’, he explained.

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