2019 report on Russian nuclear arsenal presented at U.S. Congress

Source : 112 Ukraine

Congressional Research Service prepared the document that reveals the assessment of current conditions and opportunities of the Russian military in this area
14:15, 14 August 2019


A sizeable and comprehensive report was presented for consideration of the United States Congress. It concerned the current capacity and potential tactics of Russia's strategic nuclear forces. USNI News got an eye on the report composed by the Congressional Research Service.

The document claims that "although Russia’s number of nuclear weapons has declined sharply since the end of Cold War, it retains a stockpile of thousands of warheads, with more than 1,500 warheads deployed on missiles and bombers capable of reaching U.S. territory".

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Speaking of the U.S. Congress's interest in the report, the Congressional Research Service stated the following: "Some Members of Congress have expressed growing concerns about the challenges Russia poses to the United States and its allies. In this context, Members of Congress may address a number of questions about Russian nuclear forces as they debate the U.S. nuclear force structure and plans for U.S. nuclear modernization. Congress may review debates about whether the U.S. modernization programs are needed to maintain the U.S. nuclear deterrent, or whether such programs may fuel an arms race with Russia. Congress may also assess whether Russia will be able to expand its forces in ways that threaten U.S. security if the United States and Russia do not extend the New START Treaty through 2026. Finally, Congress may review the debates within the expert community about Russian nuclear doctrine when deciding whether the United States needs to develop new capabilities to deter Russian use of nuclear weapons". 

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Meanwhile, the U.S. has been giving some amount of thought to the new nuclear agreement with Russia that expires in early 2021. The extension of the agreement is currently threatened due to a recent explosion near Arkhangelsk, northern RussiaReuters reported that on August 14.

The American government believes that the blast took place because of to the hypersonic cruise missile test; the explosion included the leak of radioactive elements, though the U.S. side could not tell for sure if it was a nuclear blast.

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