Zelensky's address to MPs on first work day of new Ukrainian Parliament

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"The level of public trust for the new Parliament is huge; the level of responsibility and expectations is even higher", Zelensky insisted, when greeting the new MPs and other government officials
20:14, 29 August 2019

Zelensky's speech in the Ukrainian Parliament, August 29, 2019

Dear lawmakers, dear Ukrainians, I would like to turn to you, first of all. Take your seats, please. Please, let's cut the redundant talks and get to work, let's vote. I'm asking you, the people are waiting. Alright? Less of these SMS and more of the laws, please. We all are waiting. 

Dear Speaker! I welcome the Verkhovna Rada of the 9th convocation at the beginning of their authority and the beginning of their work. I congratulate you. It's really unusual... seeing the hall packed. I'd like to always see it this way - not only when there's a party at the solemn session. Do your job, and then, the next party will follow soon.

Dear Ukrainians, it's been 100 days of my presidential term; there were many different assessments, but, believe me, the most critical assessment is my own. I would call this period a silent walk in the darkness, with lights off, at the lowest speed. That's true. I'm sure that the country will be able to gain the maximum speed and decisively move along the path of changes. I'm really glad we've got the Parliament that is actually ready to work - no fancy populist stuff, no blocking important decisions with thousands of foolish amendments, but real reforms that the citizens of Ukraine and the entire civilized world are tired of waiting for.

I'm happy that the liable and effective government will appear soon enough, and it will present the action plan to approve the yearly investment programs of international investors, so Ukraine will stay in their focus.  

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Dear lawmakers, I'll tell you frankly: congratulating you would somehow be a malevolence. The level of trust for the new Parliament is huge; thus, the level of responsibility and expectations is even higher. You've got plenty of challenges and tasks ahead of you. That includes implementation of government by the people, and the long-anticipated lifting of parliamentary immunity, and the impeachment law; an effective reform of law enforcement agencies and the judicial system, and continuation of reforms of decentralization and European integration; liberalization of the economy, creation of a powerful investment magnet to involve the foreign investments, the development of a digital state that fits in the smartphone - so that the lines at government offices and the hellish bureaucracy are finally gone. Fighting raids, fighting monopolies, fighting the illegal trafficking, gaining true energy independence, energy efficiency and solving problems with the tariffs, development of the industry, the agrarian sector, infrastructure, medicine, improvement of our education and restoration of the Ukrainian science. What's most important - strengthening the national security and defense, finishing the war in Donbas and returning Crimea, which was annexed by Russia. Our society expects all that, and we have to do it all.

Currently, it is quite clear: this convocation's Parliament will make history. The only question is - what kind of history you will make; as a Parliament that achieved the unbelievable things, which brought to life everything they failed to do over the previous 28 years; as a parliament where there were no fights, non-attendances or pushing buttons? I'm asking you. All of Ukraine is asking you. Only constructive and hard work for the sake of the Ukrainian people. Or else, God forbid, you can make history as the Parliament that lasted the least - one year. In fact, this is your... our probation period. Believe me, I already know that dissolving the Parliament is not that scary.  

But I sincerely believe - and it's true, sincere, from the bottom of my heart - I do believe it won't happen. Let's just do this, as all MPs and all parties said, let's do this together! Thank you! Glory to Ukraine!

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