Zelensky makes very serious mistakes in work with parliament, - Medvechuk

Source : 112 Ukraine

Zelensky has to choose the right tactics to achieve the result
20:22, 22 May 2019

Viktor Medvedchuk

Volodymyr Zelensky has the right strategy; however, he made serious tactical mistakes during the work with the parliament as 112 Ukraine reported citing Viktor Medvedchuk, the Chairman of the Political Council of Opposition Platform – For Life.

“You absolutely correctly listed the things earlier announced by the current head of the state (the laws on lifting of MPs’ immunity, criminal responsibility for illicit enrichment, electoral code, open list, - I emphasize, it is very important not on the eve of the elections, not during the calculation of the votes but after the taking of the office. It is absolutely correct. Yes, the strategy of Mr. Zelensky is absolutely correct. Yes, we need to liquidate the MPs’ immunity, but, as far as I remember earlier we talked about lifting of the immunity from the judges and president himself, not only MPs. And, by the way, in the expectations, according to the sociological research of our citizens, these three points concerning the lifting of immunity are mentioned. Not only MPs. For some reason, only MPs were mentioned in the inauguration speech. I think, it is not correct; however, in fact, there is a need to follow this way. You correctly listed the law; the task was set before Zelensky. Strategically, the task is right. Tactically, its fulfilling has begun with unsuitable means,” Medvedchuk said.

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“I underline, unsuitable. Because the team of Zelensky had to predict the psychological reaction of the MPs of the leaving parliament, especially not when the sword of Damocles hanging over the further destiny of the parliament but when the order is signed and elections are appointed and only then to demand the adoption of decision from the lawmakers. I think that the way was not chosen correctly, it is one of the disadvantages, the disadvantage of the lack of the state and political experience of people, who made the decisions needed by people. Not by Zelensky, not by his team but by people,” he explained.

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“And you listed them. It is really the most actual tasks, issues, which should be fulfilled by the Verkhovna Rada. And the question should be put point-blank before them: do it! And if you do not do it then you deserve to leave or sink in the landfill of the history. To show this but not do it simultaneously: sign the decree first, then people say: urgently do it and then you will do it. Yes, the Verkhovna Rada will fulfill its authorities despite the dissolving and appointment of snap elections, until the election of the new Verkhovna Rada comes into force and taking of the oath of the Verkhovna Rada. If the elections appointed for July 21, then, it will be, possibly, not earlier then at the end of August, possibly, the beginning of September. And the Verkhovna Rada will work all this time and make decision. Only strategic decisions, they are important for the state, for country. And I believe, for the team of Zelensky. And how they are important and how they are shared by the leaving MPs, who were dissolved or, to say correctly, dispersed, is another issue. And that is why I want to emphasize: the course is strategically right; really serious mistakes are made tactically and they led to the first negative result. As this result is already negative but not of the activity of a new president and his team – it is a negative against interests of our country and state. Against the interests of people, who voted for Zelensky. He had no right for such approach. He had to choose the right tactics and reach the strategic results, which he announced and which are needed by our citizen. Including those 73%, who voted for him,” Medvedchuk emphasized.

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