Zelensky got scared of journalists: Europe to learn about Ukrainian dictator, enemy of freedom of speech

Author : Igor Smolov

Source : 112 Ukraine

The authorities are so afraid that they spare no resources to fight the media
20:53, 23 August 2021

Ukrainian journalists, who are being deprived of the right to a profession by Zelensky's authorities, wanted to hold a protest outside the National Opera House, where members of the Crimean Platform had gathered. However, the authorities pulled together an unprecedented number of law enforcement officers, blocking journalists' access to the Opera. Zelensky was so scared that he set hundreds of police officers and national guardsmen against journalists. The authorities are so afraid that they spare no resources to fight the media.

Journalists of 112 Ukraine, NewsOne, ZiK, and Pershiy Nezalezhniy TV channels, illegally closed by the authorities, appealed to world leaders to help stop the murder of freedom of speech in Ukraine, which is currently taking place under the leadership of President Volodymyr Zelensky and his team. Journalists brought posters with the words "Zelensky is the enemy of freedom of speech" "Aren't you ashamed to greet the dictator?" "We demand sanctions for infringement of freedom of speech", "Zelensky is awaiting trial", "Closing channels is a dictatorship", "Zelensky is a dictator". Today, these posters reflect the aspirations and steps that Zelensky is taking against his political competitors and objectionable media. I did not like the channel - to close, the person interferes - to imprison.

Recently, the authorities have closed such resources as, and are going to close the channel Nash. Zelensky's main political opponent Viktor Medvedchuk was illegally placed under house arrest. The owner of the illegally closed TV channels, Taras Kozak, became a defendant in falsified criminal cases, and recently there was an informational stuffing that they intend to announce him to the international access.

"Zelensky's criminal team accused Taras Kozak of aiding terrorism, but did not provide any evidence of this. We consider this an open persecution by the authorities of an opposition politician, the owner of TV channels that did not broadcast the way the authorities would like. Organizing repression against the MP, member of the political council of the Opposition Platform - For Life party, the authorities sought the closure of the TV channels belonging to him, and also - intended to intimidate the political force," this is how Kozak's TV channels reacted to this information.

“The power is weakening and this is obvious. Indeed, autumn is likely to be very difficult. In addition to the increase in gas prices, and it will be, because prices on world hubs are growing, we are likely to face rolling power outages. Another quarantine, another coronavirus crisis and a difficult geopolitical situation. The meeting with Merkel demonstrated this, and there is still a meeting with Biden ahead," TV presenter Diana Panchenko said at the rally.

The TV presenter stressed that the country's leadership has people without any ideas and principles, who revel in power, and do not improve the well-being of citizens and the state as a whole.

“They are obsessed with this power, this is their only passion today. And all their actions are aimed at keeping this power, because they, like drug addicts on a needle, are fixated on it. The rating of this power will stagger and at some point will come point of no return," she summed up.

All this is done with one goal - to remove all obstacles for Zelensky so that he can be safely elected for a second term. But he will not be able to do this, because he failed everything he promised, plunging the country into chaos. Therefore, it is necessary to hide from people the real picture of corruption, embezzlement, persecution of the opposition and other crimes of the authorities. But even Zelensky did not stop there, deploying a persecution of the opposition.

Which, by the way, did not go unnoticed in the world. Tens of thousands of critical publications were published in the world media, and in the report of the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights "Overview of the situation in the field of human rights in Ukraine" the decision to close the 112 Ukraine, NewsOne and ZiK TV channels was called contrary to international human rights standards.

And the journalists will win anyway. No one has ever won a war against the media. Zelensky will soon step down, but the journalists will remain. The authorities were unable to intimidate them in six months, and is unlikely to be able to now.

The main thing is that Europe has seen the problems with freedom of speech in Ukraine. Do not doubt that the summit participants will report this to their leaders. Zelensky is confidently moving towards the fact that yesterday's allies will impose sanctions against him.


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