Zelensky announces new arrests of corrupt officials

The President also claimed that Deputy Prosecutor General Viktor Chumak is about to continue the investigation of Maidan-related cases
22:00, 7 November 2019

Press Service of the President of Ukraine

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky claimed that the promised arrests of corrupt statesmen were a matter of time and necessity to prepare all the necessary materials so that the cases can hold in courts long enough. He said so in his video blog called Roundly with President that he recorded while driving his Tesla car.

"You say not too many arrests? You say it has not begun yet? Well, I would agree - and disagree. Look, here's this case of the Svynarchuks, right? Pashynsky's case - check. Next, Mykytas's case - check. Dubnevych case? Check. Even you people saw it in the Verkhovna Rada - not everyone voted for [arresting] Dubnevych. They fear they'd face the same attitude. And they have a point; they will. And then, the verdicts in all these people's cases will follow. If there are none, new cases will be opened, and no one will stop at that. What's the problem with fast arrests? We've got to get prepared for many cases. Otherwise, people will keep walking free, because these cases would collapse on courts. So, these will follow - the one of Katya Handziuk, and that of Pavlo Sheremet, and these cases in the defense industry, they will all follow", Zelensky said.

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The President also said that Deputy Prosecutor General and Chief Military Prosecutor Viktor Chumak is about to continue the investigation of Maidan-related cases. "He was supposed to create a [investigation] group, and he did already. Indeed, the case has been investigated for six years. The society cannot see any actual outcome in this complicated case. I'm sure it will be there", Zelensky concluded.  

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