Wounded Chechen fighter Osmaev had his lung pierced, plugged to artificial respirator, - doctor

Source : 112 Ukraine

The leader of Chechen volunteer battalion fighting alongside Ukrainian troops in Donbas is in stable critical condition
12:28, 2 June 2017

Adam Osmaev

Adam Osmaev, the pro-Ukrainian fighter of Chechen origin, leader of Dzhokhar Dudaev volunteer battalion, underwent surgery and is now in the intensive care at a hospital in Kyiv.

Osmaev, severely wounded during the shootout in Kyiv on June 1 had his left lung pierced; his condition is critical but stable, doctors say.

The attacker who posed himself as a French reporter aimed and tried to ‘get an interview’ from Osmaev and his wife Amina Okueva, is in the intensive care unit as well; he was shot by Amina four times, immediately after shooting Adam. Having undergone a surgery, the assailant is also plugged to the breathing apparatus. Doctors have not removed the bullets so far, saying it is too dangerous right now.

Neither of the wounded men can talk so far, all the more testify due to the severe injuries; the hospital is heavily guarded by the police.

As 112 International reported, the shooting incident took place at Kyrylivska street in Kyiv on June 1. According to the source, the attacker used 9 mm Glock handgun, and Okueva fired four shots from her award weapon, the 9 mm Makarov.

Adam Osmaev, the Russian citizen of Chechen origin applied for Ukrainian citizenship in March 2014. Previously, in February 2012, he was detained in Odesa, southern Ukraine – as a bomber who set the explosive that went off in Odesa in January 2012, killing one Russian national and wounding another Kazakh citizen. Later, Ukraine’s Security Service, the SBU said that by detaining Osmaev in Odesa Russian and Ukrainian special services prevented an attempt to murder Russian president Putin, soon after he won the presidential election in Russia.

Adam Osmaev is the former major in the army of Chechen Republic of Ichkeriya, the breakaway state that opposed the Russian political influence and military aggression in the Caucasus (de jure, the state ceased to exist in 2000; now it is the autonomous republic, part of the Russian Federation, - 112 International). In 2014, Osmaev joined the Dzhokhar Dudaev volunteer battalion, which fought in the Donbas conflict on the side of Ukraine’s government troops. When the unit’s long-standing commander Isa Munaev was killed by pro-Kremlin mercenaries in Debaltseve in February 2015, Osmaev took his office. Both Osmaev and Okueva, who have been married since 2009, served in Kyiv-2, the special task force of the National Police of Ukraine that also fought pro-Russian militants in Donbas.    

Ukrainian law enforcers seek the Russian trail in the incident.

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