Why Ukrainian politics becoming more like show?

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Ukrainian politics did not product deep meanings before, but today it has completely marginalized. The president’s team played the main role in this
23:04, 25 November 2019

Press Service of the President of Ukraine

In the summer, Andriy Bogdan, answering a question about a possible undermining of confidence among the media as a result of his unsuccessful joke with a letter of resignation, said that Zelensky did not need journalists to communicate with society.

Over time, it becomes clear why. Ukrainian politics is increasingly moving away from programs, numbers and real cases. Now more and more often the network and the whole society with it are undermined by memes, scandals and striking attacks on opponents.

The president and his team manage to conduct a political game in conditions convenient for themselves. Perhaps they lack political experience and strategic ideas, but they are perfectly able to drown negative situations in media occasions.

Telegram channels that are used by MPs to discredit their party members, provide political dirt to journalists are components of one powerful mechanism for influencing political life.

The recent story of the resonant Facebook debate between Zelensky and Tymoshenko, in which the president talks about the figure of the Batkivshchyna leader and the lack of a "sweetie" for her, while she invites the guarantor of the constitution to play piano at the corporate party - is another confirmation of the humanization of political discourse.

Moreover, the president indirectly confirms the fact of negotiations between him and Tymoshenko regarding the senior positions in the state. However, society does not even take this point into account but focuses exclusively on the quarrel of top politicians on the network.

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And this is the fault of politicians who, in their thirst for an instant, but situational victories, put PR at the forefront and are not ready to strategically approach the solution of important issues. Reforms or global projects take a lot of time and effort. In addition, this often entails a loss of voter support, which requires a result here and now.

But it is precisely the task of the real politician to explain and lead. And this concerns not only the president but all representatives of the system.

Yesterday, a Ukrainian-Czech business forum kicked off in Kyiv. It was attended by Czech Prime Minister Andrei Babish.

But the president’s and government’s press services are still silent about any successes. And this means only one thing: no significant agreements have been reached. And a country that is waiting for an economic leap and raising living standards once again receives a portion of the show.

A similar situation occurred during public discussion of an even more important topic - the Budget of Ukraine for 2020. Behind the scandals in Servant of the People faction, the fights of politicians linked with oligarchs and sex scandals, there was no discussion about how the adopted budget could become the driver of economic development next year.

Most of the media only reprinted the Ministry of Finance’s release with the main and winning numbers, and did not resort to a detailed analysis of this program document. Why? Because their audience is waiting for something completely different.

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