Why Servant of the People party MPs gather in Zakarpattia?

Author : Viktor Ruzhynsky

Source : 112 Ukraine

President Zelensky to join the event
17:35, 29 September 2021

112 Agency

In early October, Ukrainian MPs from the ruling faction will gather at the Rixos Prykarpattya Hotel, just like two years ago. Now they will not look for deer in the pictures and jump on one leg. And they won't study at all - why? In the Ze-team they take higher: a whole "gala dinner" is planned, at which the party "Oscar" will be presented, and MP Davyd Arakhamia faction will personally act as a DJ.

Not only the people's deputies will be present at the party, but also the Cabinet of Ministers, the Prosecutor General and the head of the Security Service, as well as Zelensky personally. Apparently, the president's longing for corporate events gives its own. So the event is being prepared for a large-scale one.

And what exactly do the deputies want to celebrate? What achievements can they boast of? The question is rather rhetorical. The network is already joking that Irina Allakhverdieva will be given an Oscar for the best female role of a "ship's pine", and MP Halyna Tretyakova - for the most low-quality children of Donbas.

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Indeed, this is apparently how the announced "working meeting" looks like, at which they want to pompously introduce new ministers and heads of some committees - with blackjack and people's deputies.

Speaker Razumkov turned out to be the "outcast" of the party: he still has not received an invitation to "look at the ball" with even one eye. And the media do write that Truskavets will announce the replacement of an outsider. Razumkov, despite everything he did for the Ze-team, is now "very bad", because he dared to speak out publicly against the useless law on oligarchs.

MPs will be able not only to have a good rest but also to create for the people a beautiful picture of the Ze-team's unity - after all, in 2019 the news feed worked well. And do not care that operating costs will be pulled by at least 300,000 USD. How can you talk about money when it comes to the political process on the scale of an entire country!

The fact that Truskavets-style will be used more than once became clear already a few months after the first one: MP Oleksandr Kornienko spoke about plans for a new meeting. But there is one important difference.

They wanted to add an item about digital literacy and electronic declaration to the Truskavets-2 training program. And now the deputies will do without training at all. Why should they: they are long-established politicians. It is in this approach, and not in the very fact of holding a high-profile political get-together, which is perhaps the main problem.

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In 2019, only the lazy did not criticize the lectures of the Kyiv School of Economics for the people's representatives. Indeed, it is unlikely that they helped at least one of the "servants of the people." At least 25 people's representatives went to SPA instead of studying, while the rest were looking for a deer in the pictures. But the CSE only officially earned more than 75,000 USD in a week, and Tymofiy Mylovanov became the new Minister of Economy and Agroindustrial Complex.

However, the training of the deputies was at least some logical reason to take them to the resort. It was a confession of the members of the president's team that the people they had assembled knew absolutely nothing about state administration. Now in the Office of the President, they believe that the deputies no longer need to be taught anything. And this is very sad.

Okay, "Truskavets Political University" was ineffective. But could the only alternative to him be an exclusive farce with a concert? The same Americans invited all "public servants" to Washington for two weeks to give lectures and exchange experiences. Yes, and in our country, there are good specialists, real professionals who could at least a little improve the "servants", at least in jurisprudence.

Indeed, why spend money on training people's deputies? The "tunnel" way of thinking has already been formed, the MPs support the necessary theses. They press on the buttons - and that's enough. And the corporate person will be enough to maintain control over their decisions and give new instructions for a certain period of time. And this is not speculation at all. The head of the faction, Arakhamia, said bluntly: "I predict that we will enter some kind of concept of a new turbo mode." Here is a clear answer to the question of why all this is needed.

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Zelensky himself is well aware that Truskavets will not give anything for the political process. It will hardly be possible to manipulate the MPs, since they have already felt the taste of power and money. It's like grazing cats: they will scatter and look for someone to feed the best. But he will show the people a beautiful picture of the unity of the Ze-team. And this, according to the president, is enough to rule the country.

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