Why Putin isn't calling Zelensky?

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On September 12, answering questions from a CNN reporter, Zelensky said that his country could by no means be compared with Afghanistan
22:00, 24 September 2021

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Recently, with an interval of several days, two significant events took place. The first was in Vladivostok on September 1. There, speaking to schoolchildren on the occasion of the Day of Knowledge at the All-Russian Children's Center "Ocean", Putin, talking about the era of Peter, mistakenly called the Northern War, which Peter I waged with the Swedes, Seven Years. He was corrected by Nikanor Tolstykh, a schoolboy from Vorkuta, saying that the Northern War between the Swedish king Charles XII and Peter I lasted 21 years from 1700 to 1721, and the Seven Years War between Prussia and Austria, in which Russia also participated, took place after Peter's death in the years 1756-1763. Putin said he was wrong and thanked the boy "for the correction." Press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov, commenting on this event, said that "the child is great!"

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Another event happened with Volodymyr Zelensky. On September 12, answering questions from a CNN reporter, Zelensky said that his country could by no means be compared with Afghanistan, since "a geographically large country like Ukraine cannot be captured in four, five or seven days," even more so given " its population. " Apparently, no one told President Zelensky that both in terms of area and population, his country and Afghanistan are quite comparable. Moreover, in terms of its area, Afghanistan is even larger than Ukraine. In terms of population, it is also almost parity - 32.225 million citizens of Afghanistan against 28 million Ukrainians (the figure is set according to the norms of bread consumption since the country has not conducted a population census for 20 years, no one knows how many of them). The CNN reporter who asked the questions did not consider it necessary to correct Zelensky (maybe he himself did not know). Apparently, the President of Ukraine draws his knowledge from TV lessons for schoolchildren that appeared in connection with the coronavirus and forced quarantine, where there is a cartoon character Antarctic Bear - a polar bear from the Antarctic Peninsula. All is good, but Antarctica is not a peninsula and polar bears do not live there.

It is difficult to refrain from comparing our two presidents since the tasks facing them are somewhat similar. Both took office at a turning point for their respective countries, but how did they dispose of their powers? Russia, which Putin accepted in 1999, was already one foot in the grave, torn apart by internal conflicts, with unresolved economic problems, on the verge of collapse into components. And there was no one to help her from the outside, on the contrary, over her, overseas and European vultures were already circling over her, like crows, in anticipation of her imminent death, so all hope was only on herself and her own strength. And Putin, rolling up his sleeves, set about clearing these Augean stables. The first task for him was to end the war in Chechnya. And he finished it by agreeing with Akhmat Kadyrov (now Chechnya is the most formidable weapon in the hands of the Kremlin, which frightens those against whom nuclear weapons cannot be used). The second thing Putin dealt with the stupid oligarchs, forcing them to play by his rules, and those who disagreed, are already far away (where are Berezovsky, Gusinsky, Khodorkovsky and other seven-bankers now, I’m not telling you). Then it was time for the outer contour. Now the collective Obama and Biden are raking it out. And they will rake it out! Putin is quietly doing his job.

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And what about Zelensky? His country also had problems over the roof. The main task was to end the war in Donbas. For this, the newly elected president had to negotiate with Putin. Putin was ready for this. Moreover, on mutually beneficial terms, there was no question of a shameful surrender of Ukraine's interests. What did Zelensky do? He "threw Putin" (I am quoting the head of the Clown Office Andrei Bogdan literally) by not fulfilling the Paris agreements of 2019, when their last personal meeting in the "Normandy format" took place. There were still faint hopes that he would change his mind, but after he closed all opposition channels and put Medvedchuk under house arrest, Putin understood everything and drew the appropriate conclusions. Even Poroshenko did not dare to touch Medvedchuk. Zelensky dared! Out of fear? Unlikely. Under Poroshenko, Medvedchuk was the link between him and the Kremlin. Zelensky multiplied this link by zero. What for? To take this place yourself? Silly decision! Now he is on the other side of the curb for Moscow! From now on, Putin's phone is always out of the zone for him. Putin doesn't want to waste his time on him. Now all the conversations are only through his overseas and European masters, he has become an absolutely unnecessary link in this chain. Fortunately, Ukraine has enough owners - seven nannies, but the child is still without an eye.

Observing what is happening now in Ukraine, I am forced to state with sadness that as a result of the last rotation in the higher echelons of power and the replacement of sewn with soap for the better, nothing has changed. By exchanging an alcoholic president for a drug addict president, the voters achieved only one thing - it got worse. Apparently, the place on Bankova, 11 is damned. It turns out that for five years Ukraine suffered a drunken diabetic, the Director of a chocolate factory, only to change him to a constantly sniffing Clown with suspiciously oily shifty eyes. I do not dare to claim that the current Constitutional Guarantor is constantly under "coke", but his uncontrollable stormy activity, accompanied by endless hallucinogenic delusions that he continuously generates, delusions that even his associates sometimes do not know how to explain, leads to sad thoughts. This can be carried either by a clinical idiot, and I know for sure that Zelensky is not such (and again, nationality obliges!), Or a person under the influence of certain drugs.

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The current rulers of the thoughts and souls of Ukrainian citizens, the inhabitants of the office on Bankova, are not able to look into the distance. Their planning horizon is limited to two to three years. Enough for my life, and then - even a flood! Only none of them is going to jail. A calm, quiet, comfortable old age somewhere in Washington or Oklahoma, where another hero of the past era, a certain Arseniy Yatsenyuk, aka Rabbit, aka Senya-kulya-head-on, earned his first billion on the fence separating Ukraine from the northern her fire-breathing neighbor, which, however, he never built (as a result, there is no money, no fence!). His more successful comrade, a drunken Confectioner, stole everything he could reach, starting with the war in Donbas, Ukroboronprom, and ending with all sorts of gas and coal schemes. The current inhabitant of the Office on Bankova Street has found another bottomless barrel - roads, Velyke Budivnistvo, money in the literal sense of the word is buried in the ground. And what will happen to the country, but what's the difference! The country of evergreen tomatoes, through the efforts of these figures, is confidently heading into the abyss. Now froze on a cliff. Step left and right - and you're dead.

I can’t even call the above bastards tactics, they are temporary workers who sold the country for a bowl of overseas soup. No, they don't eat soup overseas. These people sold the country not even for a bowl of soup, but for popcorn with Coca-Cola. And this despite the fact that there are still people in Ukraine who are able to think strategically, of course, not for 50-100 years, as in China, but at least for 10-20 years. Yes, only no one needs their services, and they themselves have a chance to break into power, asymptotically tending to zero. Recently, the latter was multiplied by zero - Putin's godfather Medvedchuk. For what? The man wanted to turn the vector of movement from West to East, more precisely to the North.

But this was not at all part of the plans of the overseas masters of Ukraine. They already know exactly what they are doing and where they are going. They have strategic planning horizons and appropriate plans. The idiot at the helm of the overseas colony is perfect for the implementation of their plans. And the more idiots there are in the country, the better. This is precisely what the educational reform aims at. They have already implemented this in their own country. The colossal territory of the United States is inhabited by people who do not know not only the table of integrals or differential equations but even the capital of their own country. And I'm not kidding here! The president, who confuses Austria with Australia, and his press secretary, who considers Belarus a maritime power, are not an exception at all, but a rule. There, the doctor will in all seriousness send you to another doctor, explaining that he is a specialist in the left ear, and your right one hurts. The same fate awaits Ukraine. Only there will be no doctors, there will be paramedics and transplant specialists. And others are not needed. A garbage dump country is an ideal bank of donor organs. And soon the other inhabitants inhabiting it will have nothing to trade. Say, I drew a sad perspective? Obviously, exaggerating? But everything goes exactly to this.

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People who have now come to the offices of power in Kyiv are not able to think strategically. Even tactically unable to think. All they are capable of is to say "Yawohl, my Fuhrer!" I am not saying that the "sniffer" is just that, he has his own joys in this life, the main of which is the power itself. She is the main drug for him. But his entourage with such a boss will always find time and place to steal or take what is bad, explaining this, of course, by state interests and the war with the northern saber-toothed neighbor.

But Zelensky is not an idiot to fight Russia. He knows perfectly well how such a war can end and how long it will last if it starts. Unlike Putin, who first solved problems on the internal circuit (Chechnya and the seven-bankers), and only after their resolution came to the external circuit with his famous Munich speech, which took him seven years. Zelensky hasn’t had these seven years, so he solves his internal problems at the expense of external ones. He needs an imitation of the war in Donbas to divert the attention of his own population from aggravating economic problems (what kind of problems - we have a war!) And to maintain attention to his wretched country from external actors. Therefore, talking to him is counterproductive. He is not negotiable. He is not even able to understand that his overseas masters have changed their plans for Russia - they now need unnecessary problems with it. They are now concerned with the strengthening of China, and the alliance of Russia with China is not at all what they would like to see in the near future, for which they have planned war with the PRC. This is approximately the turn of 2030, then you are welcome to go to war with Russia in order to tie her hands with the help of the Celestial Empire. But Ukraine, with such stupid managers, runs the risk of not living up to this date and fulfilling its mission.

Volodymyr Volkonsky

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