Why Nomad all-terrain vehicle catches the eye of Ukraine army?

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Ukrainian all-terrain vehicle Nomad, which is already quite popular in the civilian market, is starting to make its way to the security forces
17:18, 15 June 2021

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This vehicle, which is designed to move where there are no roads in principle, can find its place in the army on the "second line" and open up new opportunities for border guards, engineering troops, and jaeger brigades in the role of a sentinel and ambulance vehicle. intelligence. This is what Mad Nomad thinks.

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Overall, the Nomad has a number of unique features that set it apart from similar ATVs. First of all, it is, without exaggeration, the astronomical torque on the wheels, which is about 10,000 nm.

This is achieved thanks to central and wheel reduction gears, which transmit power from a 129-horsepower 2.8-liter diesel engine combined with a 6-speed manual transmission. By the way, the maximum speed of the Nomad is 47 km/h.

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In practice, this allows not only to overcome any off-road and slopes but also to slip equipment, which is tens of times greater than the weight of the 2-ton Nomad itself. For example, the all-terrain vehicle quite calmly pulled at once the BTR-3 with the Dozor-B, the total weight of which is about 20 tons.

Moreover, Nomad was even able to take on the role of an airfield tractor and pulled a Boeing-737, which weighed about 40 tons.

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At the same time, the design features of the all-terrain vehicle allow it to travel where there are no roads in principle. Huge wheels, the pressure in which is hundredths of an atmosphere, while the wheels of cars are somewhere around 2.4 atmospheres, allow him to drive despite obstacles and soil features - from swamp to sand.

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Firstly, in the Nomad, air circulates between all wheels, that is, when one wheel hits an obstacle, the air from it is redistributed to the other three. Secondly, thanks to the compressors, the driver can independently change the pressure while driving at the touch of a button and select the mode depending on the conditions.

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Thirdly, even in the absence of pressure at all, the all-terrain vehicle can continue to move on any surface. True, such a situation can only happen when the wheel breaks through, and this, given the ultra-low pressure in it, has never happened during the entire operation of all Nomads produced.

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As for crossing water crossings, the Nomad, whose composite hull has a one-piece lower part, can swim at speeds up to 7 km/h. And on tests, he sailed over 50 km along the channel on the Dnieper.

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And finally. The all-terrain vehicle has a reinforced safety cage, which has already passed tests and withstood a load of several tons, and the car itself has received safety certificates.

In general, the developers emphasize that now the Nomad is a civilian vehicle that is mass-produced and is already successfully conquering the all-terrain vehicle market not only among private owners, but also state-owned companies. At the same time, its capabilities allow the Nomad to be brought to an army version, including Kevlar armor, and used in the army as a multifunctional all-terrain vehicle.

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But in any case, the word will remain with the military. By the way, Nomad will be shown at the "Arms and Security" exhibition, which will start in Kyiv the other day.

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