Why Biden destroyed all Zelensky's hopes

Author : Oleksiy Kushch

Source : 112 Ukraine

Washington has no time for Ukraine
21:46, 3 September 2021

Zelensky's visit to Washington
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Zelensky's visit to the United States is just sadness.

Washington has no time for our country. The withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, catastrophic in its humanitarian consequences, almost official negotiations between the Americans and the Taliban (it turns out that one can negotiate even with those whom you called terrorists yesterday), the completion of the construction of Nord Stream 2, and a number of statements by US President Biden regarding the formation of a new geopolitical reality - all this created a very toxic background for the negotiations between the United States and Ukraine.

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Especially when you consider what - almost epochal - hopes were placed on Bankova. But Biden's “epoch” is now far from Ukraine, and our problems for him are as if the owner of the house, whose sewer system had burst and the whole house was flooded with shit, was asked to shelter a distant relative from Kvartal 95.

The importance for the Americans of the visit of the Ukrainian president was emphasized by the fact that at the Washington airport, the main acting person on the American side was Oksana Markarova, who was "concurrently" acting as the ambassador of Ukraine to America. Dressed like a dollar, Zelensky, radiating optimism and giving his camera lenses his smiles, looked at this "celebration of life" like a "guest from the south" who arrived in the midst of the "great resettlement". He would have to take and cancel that visit, but, apparently, the process of political legitimization with the help of external supports went so deep that it was impossible to refuse.


And then there was Biden's address to the American people, in which he said what could become a splendid epitaph of American foreign policy, from the Vietnam War to the Afghan one: "The US withdrawal from Afghanistan ends the era of attempts to rebuild other countries." A phrase capable of freezing the Adam's apple at the grant comprador "elites" along all meridians from Greenwich.

They say that in Kabul there is a whole mountain of reformist "flash drives" with presentations and slides. Our reformers nervously lit a cigarette in Kyiv: what if they will be abandoned. And rightly so, they are afraid, because now Biden can afford to "buy" the country at a cheap price by devaluing it and devaluing the subjectivity of the ruling "elites".

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Zelensky found himself in the role of a young political startup who must convince the head of the corporation to invest in his project within 5 minutes, while the elevator is driving. Instead, he told Biden several fairy tales in the form of economic fantasy. For example, about 80 projects worth $ 277 billion, that is, an amount that is almost twice the GDP of your country.

Zelensky was not entitled to only one thing - the format of the visit in the form of a blank shot. But it was the blank clap that sounded. Biden passed the time while Zelensky was "driving" the elevator, and probably laughed a little to himself. Maybe for the first time in the last month.

"A meeting without curtsies" - this is how our chief diplomat called her, which means: a meeting without results. Neither a special trade regime for our goods on the American market ("everything except weapons"), nor a fund for guaranteeing investments for foreign investors in Ukraine in case of an escalation of a military conflict, nor a projective position on the peace process (which gives the Russian Federation another trump card in the negotiations with Washington).

The entire package of assistance to the Americans in the form of tied loans for the purchase of American goods and plans to turn Ukraine into a testing ground for new American nuclear reactors (such a nuclear showroom) are all tools for pulling America out of the crisis, and Ukraine is in this mechanism - only transit country for transactions.

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The only result is $ 50 million for defense as a compensator for the billions lost as a result of the launch of Nord Stream 2. Afghans would not even slaughter a ram for that kind of money.

So why did you come? For external props and legitimacy for a second term? It's a pity that Biden's smile on this matter was hidden by a medical mask put on in advance ...

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