Who's in line for normalcy with Israel: Sudan comes next?

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The issue of normalization would become Sudan’s opportunity to bargain for favorable conditions
11:00, 26 August 2020

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The story of the normalization of relations between Israel and the UAE is gradually unfolding in regional processes, reflected in other countries. After Israel's critical statements about US intentions to sell the latest F-35 aircraft to the Emirates, Abu Dhabi disrupted a meeting with US and Israeli officials scheduled for that week.

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Thus, the UAE signaled to the States that they are not going to surrender and would fundamentally demand the purchase of aircraft as part of a normalization deal with Israel. In other words, it's not going to happen that easily.

Despite this attack, in parallel, the ministries of health of the UAE and Israel signed an agreement on cooperation and partnership in the field of pharmacology and joint medical development. Both countries will appoint special envoys responsible for this direction and will form business delegations.

In addition, it became known that the Emirates would place their embassy in Israel not in Jerusalem but in Tel Aviv, thereby making it clear that the issue of Jerusalem has not yet been resolved for the Emirates (well, or maybe they have not agreed on a proper price)...

Meanwhile, other countries are already reacting more actively to all kinds of rumors about an imminent normalization with Israel after the precedent with the Emirates.

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Saudi Arabia is not ready for normalization there: the elites suffer from the lack of some unity + they have not decided on the price of the issue.

Morocco has officially announced that it is not going to accept Israel's recognition. According to Foreign Minister Saad al-Din Al-Osmani, for the kingdom and its population, the legitimate rights of the Palestinians and the protection of Muslim shrines in Jerusalem remain red lines that make it impossible for the "Zionist State" to be recognized.

Earlier, the United States has several attempts to persuade Morocco to recognize Israel in exchange for recognition of Rabat's sovereignty over Western Sahara. But these attempts ended in vain. Perhaps they would return to this, especially closer to the US presidential elections.

The situation in Sudan is challenging. Immediately after the announcement of the signing of the Israel-UAE agreement, Sudanese Foreign Ministry spokesman Haider Badawi said that his country would also soon recognize Israel.

However, the very next day, the leadership of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs abruptly gave up the brakes, and the overly optimistic Badawi was fired from his post.

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Acting Sudanese Foreign Minister Omar al-Din Al-Ismail said that the government did not entrust the Foreign Ministry with any work related to the normalization of relations with Israel, and so far this issue is not being considered.

It is curious that against the background of such internal political battles in the Sudanese establishment, US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo immediately flew to Khartoum to talk on the topic of normalization along the Israel-Sudan line.

Most likely, the issue of normalization would become Sudan’s opportunity to bargain for favorable conditions, for example, to achieve the long-awaited exclusion from the American list of states sponsoring terrorism. The states promised to remove them from the list even after the coup of 2019, the price of the issue has not been agreed upon. Israel is likely to be part of the deal.

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This was indirectly confirmed by head of the Israeli "Mossad" Yossi Cohen, saying in an interview with the media that in the coming months he expects a breakthrough in relations with "one African country, I will assume that with Sudan." In fact, secret negotiations between Khartoum and Tel Aviv on this issue have been going on since February, when the Israeli media first wrote about it.

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