What Biden’s win means for Ukraine and other world countries?

Author : Anatoliy Amelin

Source : 112 Ukraine

What will change in the United States and on the world agenda under President Biden?
10:00, 10 November 2020

Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Joe Biden


  • there will be more order and predictability in the world;
  • the state of the American economy will worsen;
  • the situation for Russia will become more difficult;
  • new opportunities may open up for Ukraine;
  • there will be changes in US relations with Iran and China;
  • restrictions on countering the pandemic will become more stringent.

Now in more detail:

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  1. NATO. President Trump praised autocrats and insulted allies. At the top of Joe Biden's to-do list is rebuilding tensions, especially in NATO, and reuniting with global alliances.
  2. WHO. Biden administration also plans to return to the World Health Organization and will try to lead the international response to the coronavirus pandemic.
  3. Climate and environment. Joe Biden says he will make the fight against climate change a priority and re-join the Paris Climate Agreement. Biden will set higher clean energy targets, ban the lease of coal and natural gas on federal lands, and at the same time limit methane emissions from oil and gas production.
  4. Biden is pushing an ambitious $ 2 trillion plan to meet emission reduction targets. He says he will do this by building a clean energy economy and creating millions of jobs.
  5. Iran. Change in sanctions against Iran in exchange for a reduction in its nuclear program.

    6. Yemen. Biden will also end US support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen.

  1. Israel. Joe Biden hailed President Trump's agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. Like the Democratic old guard, Biden is an ardent supporter and longtime defender of Israel.
  2. Afghanistan and Iraq. Like President Trump, Biden wants to end the persistent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, although he will maintain a small troop presence in both countries to help them fight terrorism. He would not cut the Pentagon's budget or halt drone strikes despite pressure from the left.
  3. Russia. Biden is a “hawk” about Russia. The former vice president told CNN bluntly that he considers Russia an “enemy.” He pledged a decisive response to election meddling and Russia's promised reward to the Taliban for attacking US troops in Afghanistan.

Biden has pledged to extend the latest US-Russian strategic nuclear arms control treaty and notified Moscow of his intention to do so, which will probably be one of his first moves.

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New START expires 16 days after its inauguration, thus lifting all restrictions on the deployment of strategic nuclear warheads, as well as bombers and missiles that carry them, which could contribute to a new arms race.

  1. China. Biden will continue President Trump's policy of countering "China's economic abuses," but with allies, unlike Trump, who favored unilateral trade deals. Joe Biden will be more active in looking for areas of cooperation with a growing China. He says he wants to revive US leadership.
  2. Ukraine. Ukraine will receive military aid and lethal weapons, as well as support in the fight against corruption and in the implementation of reforms.

Obviously, for Ukraine, Biden is a much better choice. Biden knows Ukraine, knows the Ukrainian elite, he loves Ukraine and wants it to be successful. For Trump, this is just a necessity, he is not focused on the future of Ukraine.

At the same time, two other American experts are of the opinion that the name of the future president will not significantly affect US policy towards Ukraine.

The Americans are trying to prevent the strengthening of Russia in the post-Soviet space, therefore they will continue to be the guarantor of the liberal world order that has developed in the world after the Second World War. "Ukraine remained the only serious obstacle to Russia's domination in the post-Soviet space. The US did not want that."

  1. USA. 12.1 Covid. Biden said his main goal is to bring the coronavirus pandemic under control. He will insist that masks be worn across the country, which health experts say could save thousands of lives, but his legal mandate to enforce such a mandate is unclear.

He promises a new public-private partnership called the Pandemic Testing Council, which will be responsible for increasing the production of coronavirus test kits and laboratory equipment and coordinating access to these services. He also pledged to make COVID-19 testing, treatment, and vaccination free for all Americans.

12.2 Taxes. Biden has pledged to reverse many of the tax cuts Trump has signed into law for corporations and wealthy individuals once he takes office, although the changes require congressional approval. He pledged to strengthen compliance with tax policies already in place and to quickly strengthen workers' union rights.

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12.3 Protectionism. An important part of Biden's plan to recover from the coronavirus recession is forcing government agencies to buy domestic goods and services in order to stimulate domestic production. He can do this through spending already sanctioned by Congress and orders to agencies that will soon be under his control.

12.4 Civil rights. During the first 100 days, Biden pledged to work towards the passing of the Equality Act, a bill introducing new broad protections against discrimination based on sexual and gender identity.

It is also expected to issue an executive order promoting diversity and inclusion in the federal government and create a new White House Gender Equality Council to coordinate policies on women.

12.5 Immigration. Biden plans to send an immigration bill to Congress on his first day in office, which paves the way for citizenship for the roughly 11 million illegal immigrants in the country.

12.6. Tourism. Biden plans to lift Trump's travel ban, which has imposed restrictions on travelers from 13 countries, most of which are Muslim or African.

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