What are unvaccinated people facing during Covid-19?

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We show what difficulties arise in the world for people who refuse to be vaccinated against coronavirus
10:49, 10 August 2021

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The dangerous strain of the Delta coronavirus is forcing the health authorities of countries to revise their quarantine recommendations and again make the wearing of masks mandatory. US President Joe Biden has called the new coronavirus outbreak "an epidemic of the unvaccinated." The world is considering various restrictions for unvaccinated citizens, individual incidents are also encountered in private companies.

We are talking about the difficulties that the unvaccinated are now facing.

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Dismissal of CNN employees

The American television channel CNN fired three employees for coming to work in the office unvaccinated, Reuters reports.

Currently, work in the channel's office is voluntary and is possible subject to completion of the vaccination course. The official date for returning from the remote work is set for September 7, but the dates may still be postponed to mid-October.

CNN President Jeff Zucker emailed staff that the laid-off employees violated the company's trust system, which asked them to certify that they were vaccinated without requiring documentary evidence.

"Let me be clear - we have a zero-tolerance policy on this. To come to the office, you need to get vaccinated," said Zucker.

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Note that Facebook, Netflix, Uber Technologies, Microsoft require vaccination to enter the office. Some companies ask for a coronavirus test or just a face shield.

In addition, the state of California and the city of New York have introduced mandatory vaccinations for government employees (including police officers, firefighters and school workers).

Jennifer Aniston refused to communicate with her anti-vaccine friends

Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston admitted that she stopped communicating with friends and acquaintances who oppose Covid-19 vaccinations.

“If you have Delta, then you can still pass it on to me. Maybe I’ll only feel a little bad and I don’t go to the hospital and die. But I can pass the virus on to someone else who hasn’t been given the vaccine. Then their health may be in jeopardy. Therefore, I do not want to put anyone's life at risk. That is why I am worried. We have to think about someone else besides ourselves, "- says the actress.

Aniston was already vaccinated on May 7th.

No vaccination - no entry to the bar

Not being vaccinated against the coronavirus can be tantamount to being banned from watching a movie in a movie theater, getting spa treatments, or going to a restaurant or bar.

 In France, from August 9, "sanitary passports" will be needed to visit restaurants, shopping centers, trains, planes, long-distance buses, hospitals. Only those who have been vaccinated, recovered or tested will be admitted. The country has also introduced compulsory vaccinations for health workers and nursing homes.

In Greece, vaccinations have become compulsory for nursing home staff, and healthcare workers will be required to vaccinate from 1 September.

In Germany, unvaccinated people may be banned from going to restaurants, cinemas and stadiums, even if they pass the test.

Montenegro from July 30 to August 20 requires a certificate for visiting restaurants and bars indoors, nightclubs and any sporting events.

From August 6, Italy has a mandatory "green pass" to restaurants, bars and other public places.

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Label for the unvaccinated in Singapore

Unvaccinated workers at construction sites will wear visual identifiers from August 16 as part of new measures to contain the coronavirus. This requirement will also apply to those who have not completed the vaccination, as well as those whose vaccinations have not worked.

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