"We'll see to it that vaccine is free for Ukrainians", - Medvedchuk

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The government promises to bring vaccines to Ukraine but in fact, there are even no signed contracts, says the Chairman of Political Council of Opposition Platform-For Life party
18:41, 11 December 2020

Viktor Medvedchuk
112 Agency

Opposition Platform-For Life party will see to it that the vaccine from coronavirus is free for Ukrainian citizens. Viktor Medvedchuk, the Chairman of Political Council of Opposition Platform-For Life party said so in his interview for TV channels.

He marked that the Ukrainian government has been campaigning of the topic of combating coronavirus rather than taking certain steps in this area. That specifically concerns procurement of vaccines from Covid-19, and the statistics of those who got sick and died from the disease.

"Latest figures are the following: the day before yesterday, 266 people died; 282 died yesterday. And they are now gamlbing on the rates of incidence, the daily rates. Just compare the number of conducted tests and the number of confirmed cases. You'll see that, when there are 15-17,000 sick people, that makes 67-70,000 tests. When the number of the sick is eight, ten, eleven thousand people, that's 30-40,000 tests. That is, they already gain control over this issue. For what? That's blatant deception of our citizens, which leads to neglection of a threat to national security; the key object of national security is life and health of people, and the government ignores that. The government has been trying to do what it's not supposed to do. I guess the government cooits a criminal act in this regard. One should produce whatever he has at disposal. In January-February, seven million doses will be made in Russia. Moreover, they will reach the figure of 10-15 million doses per month, and by late November next year, they are going to vaccinate 70 percent of population", Medvedchuk continued.

He claimed that the government promises to bring vaccines to Ukraine but in fact, there are even no signed contracts for supplies of these vaccines.

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"We're once again fighting these windmills. We're talking the vaccine that isn't there - the vaccine, which is not to be supplied by any contract yet. We hope for the COVAX program, and the agreement that Ukraine hasn't even signed yet. Meanwhile, peeople keep dying every day. Every day, thousands of people get sick, and we cannot come up with anything, except for small talks in the society, which will begin when they announce the lockdown. At first, they wanted to do so on winter holidays, and then, the government made this big gesture - OK, let's start it on January, 8. On January 7, you'll celebrate Christmas, and then we'll have a lockdown from January 8 to 24. But why 24? There are these geeks who remind us that January 25 is the birthday of president of Ukraine. But I don't think that the president actually thought about this date when he chose the dates for the lockdown. But people don't just think about it - they talk about it. So maybe we should not be acting in the interests of campaigning, but instead, walking the path of saving lives and health of people? And let's keep it in mind, when we discuss matters related to production. You know, when I was in Moscow and the TV channels came up with stories about the results of this meeting, the SBU (Security Service of Ukraine, - 112 International) were at the Biolik company within the hour after that (the Ukrainian, Kharkiv-based company that can manufacture Russian vaccine, - 112 International). They might have solved the issues of procurement and production of the vaccine. They came there fast and could wonder if the company actually produced the vaccine. They would've said "No, it was a test demonstration of the similar ingredients, and the capabilities of assembly lines for vaccine production". Of course, no one brought the raw materials to Ukraine. Who would've allowed a direct infringement of the legal framework? But the SBU - here they are. And that's surprising, and it creates an impression of danger, it feels like human lives cost nothing", the politician said.

He also claimed that Opposition Platform-For Life would do everything possible to see to it that the vaccine from coronavirus is free for Ukrainians.

"Their main concern is politics. And whatever they dictate us from behind the ocean... you can only put it this way: these people are already competing for the sale of the product that should be sold.I'm not even talking about prices - what's cheaper and what's more expensive. The thing is, it's going to be a plan B - by the time, when this vaccine reaches Ukraine. Unlike the government, I'm talking about this plan B today. So, my vision of plan B for the government is the following: we've got enough legal potential - in our party and faction, and when it comes to buying the vaccine, we'll make the government make it free for our citizens. The government will be procuring it, and people should be getting it for free. And I'll tell you a huge secret: according to the Constitution of Ukraine, the government will have to do it, and we'll prove it in courts that the vaccine and the process of inoculation itself should be free. No matter how government evades responsibility, I'd like to send them a warning that we'll make them act within the interests of our citizens", Medvedchuk concluded.

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