We cannot rely on U.S. anymore, - Merkel

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The Chancellor of Germany noted that "the times when we could rely on others have passed"
10:09, 28 April 2018


The post-war order lasting for more than 70 years has passed, the EU and Germany have to take more responsibility, as Ukrinform reports.

The Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel repeated this idea at the joint press-conference with Donald Trump in Washington on Friday. She has said it already after Trump came to power.

“The post-war period which lasted for 70 years after the war has disappeared,” the Chancellor stated.

According to her, the Europeans could not let themselves to rely on someone else to emerge and help if the conflict starts.

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“We have to make a contribution and this contribution has to rise in the years to come,” Merkel said.

As she explained, this regards the military involvement, the assistance for the development of other states and the struggle with the migration reasons. It also concerns being more active politically. The Chancellor has proudly noted that Germany is involved in a small group on Syrian conflict fix-up and wants to make a contribution.

“This is our duty,” she said.

“We have to learn to play our role,” the Head of Germany’s Government said.

The Federal Republic of Germany is a big and economically strong state, but its military and political sector still require some changes, as Merkel stated.

Germany is growing out of the role when it was not active for years after Second World War, realizing that it has done a lot of unfair things in the national socialism period. According to their leader, the German nation has to learn to take more responsibility.

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Besides, she remarked the importance of the transatlantic relations and the significance of the EU and the U.S. reliable partnership, in NATO in particular.

If there are political disputes in some issues, they need to be discussed, as Merkel stressed.

The U.S. President expressed discontent in terms of the costs Germany required for the defence needs, as DW reported.

He stated that Germany has to spend at least 2% of its GDP, expressing hope that each NATO partner would fulfill or even overfulfil this task.

Merkel informed that since 2019 her state will spend 1,3% of its GDP for defence sector. For now, Germany’s expenses for military needs make 1,25% of GDP.

It should be mentioned that in her speech in Munich Merkel stressed the disputes between the EU and the USA under President Donald Trump.


“The times when we could rely on others have passed. I felt it over the last couple of days, so I can only say that we, the Europeans, have to take our fate in our own hands. Certainly, by preserving friendly relationships with the U.S. and Britain, by having good neighborly relationship, when it is possible, with Russia and other states. Yet, we need to realize that we, as the Europeans, have to struggle for our future,” Merkel stated.

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