Viktor Medvedchuk addresses another open letter to President Zelensky

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Chairman of the Political Council of Opposition Platform - For Life Party turned to President Zelensky with a letter
10:21, 17 July 2020

Viktor Medvedchuk
Opposition Platform - For Life

Chairman of the Political Council of Opposition Platform - For Life Party Viktor Medvedchuk addressed another open letter to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

The text of the letter is published on the party's website.

Dear Mr. Zelensky!

As a lawyer to fellow lawyer, I consider it necessary to remind you that the position of the President is the position of the guarantor of observance of the Constitution. At the same time, the Constitution is an instrument for protection of the people, and President is a defender of the people, who today, more than ever, need protection. 

Ukrainians became hostages to numerous social, economic, political and criminal encroachments. Their life is like running in circles, and at each turn, they fall lower and lower.

At the lowest basic level, there are a lot of criminal encroachments on the rights of citizens due to the tendencies when criminal elements are hiding behind nationalist and patriotic slogans. Ukrainians suffer from such criminal groups. Neither law enforcement nor the judicial system can put an end to this mayhem.

The monopoly on violence should belong to the authorities elected by the people, not to the national radicals, placed above the law and used for their own purposes by certain political groups.

It is time, Mr. Zelensky for you to decide who you stand with: the victim or the butcher, the people who put themselves above the law, or the citizens who you, as the guarantor of the Constitution, must protect. You are either on the side of the Law, or on the side of those who step on it. Make your choice.

Undoubtedly, you know that the speculators and swindlers among the authorities rob the country and go unpunished under the guise of pseudo-scientific slogans. They pose the country’s impoverishment as progress and the collapse of the economy as successful reforms. Billions are pumped out of Ukraine abroad, only to take millions in the form of loans from this money and, of course, return it with interest. It is no secret that the people suffer from such reforms: a pensioner who worked all his life for this country; a simple worker who finds it difficult to make ends meet, also because of exorbitant housing and communal tariffs; young people are deprived of prospects and opportunities to exercise their right for employment, housing and a decent standard of living for themselves and their children.

It is time to pick a side, Mr. Zelensky: are you with the robbers or with those who are robbed, with the people who enriched themselves on the impoverishment of the people, or with the citizens who have been pushed over the poverty threshold and who need your protection? You have to make your choice!

Over the past six years, our country has been losing its independence and sovereignty. This process has already been integrated to public policy. The memorandum with the IMF that you approved became the final chord in the transfer of the full governance of Ukraine in economic, social and humanitarian spheres to the West, as well as in the transfer of issues of formation and functioning of legislative, executive and judicial branches under the prevalent external control.

Whose side you on, Mr. Zelensky? Are you on the side of international puppet masters who use our country for their own purposes, or are you with Ukraine, whose independence and sovereignty have been ruthlessly trampled and sent to slaughter to fancy reformers who continue their deadly experiments with the country?

It's time to decide who you are: President of Ukraine or just the head of the colonial administration. It is an important choice, and you have no time for hesitating.

It is time to decide, Mr. President, who you side with and whose interests you defend: the interests of the country and the Ukrainian people, or those of the overseas masters and international speculators who are destroying our country in front of you.

Make the choice that people expect from you. Make the choice, in the name of which you received the highest mandate of people’s trust ever seen in the history of Ukraine. Keep the promises you made to Ukrainians, ensure the protection of their rights and freedoms, protect them from arbitrariness and robbery. Protect the sovereignty and independence of Ukraine.

Viktor Medvedchuk,

Chairman of the Political Council of

Opposition Platform – For Life Party

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