Victory in the war and high-tech economy: Election agenda of Holos party

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The Svyatoslav Vakarchuk's political force promises to fight the oligarchs and develop a professional army .
21:27, 15 July 2019

Svyatoslav Vakarchuk
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At the end of May, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky officially disbanded the Rada and appointed snap parliamentary elections for July 21. One of the discoveries of the pre-election race was the Holos party, the leader of which is singer Svyatoslav Vakarchuk.

According to opinion polls, this political force has great chances to get into the parliament of the ninth convocation.

In their election program, candidates for MPs promise to fight the oligarchs, to create a high-tech economy, but their ultimate goal is to win the war and restore the territorial integrity of Ukraine. But first things first.

National security

“Our ultimate goal is the return of our territories and victory in the war for Ukraine’s right to self-determination,” the Holos election program says.

Candidates for MPs emphasize that Crimea will not become a bargaining chip during any agreements and promise to work on increasing international pressure on Russia. It is also noted that the party will do everything to return home all the captured and imprisoned citizens of Ukraine, who are in uncontrolled territories in the Russian Federation.

In addition, the Holos said that they would "increase the combat capability of the Armed Forces at the expense of qualitatively other requirements for the selection, training and stimulation of personnel, the procurement of modern models of equipment and weapons, the introduction of new technologies."

Vakarchuk and Co. note that the Ukrainian professional army will be complemented by territorial defense units and military reserve. Special attention is paid to the development of military medicine and the rehabilitation of the soldiers.

It is also reported that a law on the circulation of weapons will be supported.

Foreign policy

As stated in the text of the Holos election program, the basis for Ukraine’s foreign policy will be a course towards obtaining EU membership and enhancing Ukraine’s security by joining NATO.

"We will develop friendly relations with Eastern Europe - the Baltic countries, Poland and others. Ukraine has everything to become one of the regional leaders in Eastern Europe. We will make Ukraine the leader of the free part of the post-Soviet space and will support democratic forces in the post-Soviet countries" say candidates for MPs.

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De-oligarchization and the fight against corruption

In Holos they are going to deprive the Security Service of Ukraine, the National Police and other security forces of authority in the field of investigation of economic crimes. It is noted that this function will be performed by a new analytical, rather than a punitive body.

It is also reported that a procedure will be created for confiscation of illegally acquired property from officials.

"We will cancel the right to bail when committing corruption offenses. Corruptionists will no longer be able to avoid justice by making bail and escaping from the country," the party’s electoral program says.

In the Vakarchuk party, they also intend "to deprive the oligarchs of the opportunity to monopolize economic sectors, appoint their people to public office and control the media."

It is noted that deoligarchization, the anti-corruption system and modern technologies will effectively and transparently accumulate and spend public funds.

"We will stop the accumulation of debt by the state, which then will have to be given to our children. Let’s balance the state budget so that the country spends on current needs just as much as it earns. Borrowed funds will be used exclusively for investment needs," say candidates for MPs.

Economy and tariffs

The Vakarchuk team offer to create a high-tech economy in Ukraine.

"We want to scale the successful experience of the information technologies development in Ukraine over our entire economy - and thus achieve a rapid economic breakthrough," the candidates for MPs note.

In order to give Ukrainians the opportunity to fully take advantage of the work in high-tech sectors of the economy, the Vakarchuk team is planning to introduce state retraining and training programs.

"Any Ukrainian can learn programming and take advantage of the opportunity to work in the information technology sector," the election program says.

It is also noted that a digital infrastructure will be built - a broadband internet access network.
all over the country and 5G.

In addition, the candidates promise "to invest billions of hryvnias in the insulation of houses and install heat and gas meters everywhere. It is also proposed to increase the extraction of our own energy resources, so that by increasing the supply in the domestic market, lower the prices in Ukraine.

Social sphere

In Holos, they promise to complete medical reform and insist that they will ensure fair payments   for the necessary medical services for patients at all levels of care, from a family doctor to a specialized hospital.

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