MP and singer Vakarchuk doesn't know amount of his royalties for corporate party in Minsk

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Post of MP does not prohibit him from engaging in creativity and concerts
19:34, 29 January 2020

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Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, the leader of the Holos party (The Voice) and the frontman of the Ocean Elzy music band, said he did not know how much the performance of his group at a corporate party in Minsk cost, because "this is not his business." Vakarchuk said it in an interview, posted on the YouTube channel Orestocracy.

In particular, the journalist asked about the cost of the corporate party, to which Vakarchuk answered:

"In fact, this question (the cost of the speech, - ed.) is not for me, because I do not conduct any business activity - this is a question for the company," Vakarchuk said.

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The leader of the Holos explained that speaking in Minsk at a corporate party with a well-known IT company that releases the game World of Tanks has nothing to do with the aggressor country. Vakarchuk added that the position of MP does not prohibit the producing something creative, in particular, concerts.

Vakarchuk emphasized that he did not regard the corporate party as a business and transferred all corporate rights.

"This was an event in which 2,000 people took part, young men and women from different countries, in particular from Ukraine, who wanted to arrange a concert of the Ocean Elzy band. Since we don’t have so many opportunities to speak to people today, then we took advantage of it, the more all the agreements were made even before I got to Verkhovna Rada, and this was the only time that we allowed ourselves to do this as we considered necessary," Vakarchuk said.

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The leader of the Holos party emphasized that he did not speak at private events and concerts.

“The media will certainly look at my every action under the microscope, but the most important thing is that you have a clear conscience. We don’t speak at presentations, we don’t speak at private events, concerts at all. All the last years of my life, when I could already imagine let us not think about speaking at private concerts, we reduced them to a minimum ... It was already 10 years ago... Well, what you call corporate parties, birthdays, we didn’t perform at weddings, probably from the time when we there was already something, birthdays, private parties, etc. - they always constituted a very small portion of our charts, but after 2014 we have refused them this case -. I would say that this is an exception," Vakarchuk said.

As we reported, MP from Iparty and singer Svyatoslav Vakarchuk did not declare the money, earned from the office party in Minsk, although the press service of the Ocean Elzy music band recognized the performance and called it "commercial activity."

So, as of the morning of January 4, Svyatoslav Vakarchuk has not made changes to his declaration in the "income" section.

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