Ukrainians in Poland issued different colored uniform to overcome language barrier

Source : 112 Ukraine

The enterprise claimed to find the alternative solutions due to the scandal
16:19, 12 January 2018

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The Polish enterprise Lindab that issued the Ukrainians the uniform of the different color than the Poles explained such step with the attempts to overcome the language barrier. It is claimed in the official statement of the enterprise as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine reported at Facebook.

'We decided to implement a model of the rapid recognition of the language used by each person: the workers who did not speak the Polish language, despite the nationality were obliged to wear the T-shirts of the different color. We also established that some workers know the Polish and another language and can be the translators', the statement claimed.

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They added that the crew chides and mechanics also wear the T-shirts of the different colors. The workers in the orange T-shirts are highly appreciated in the enterprise.

'Such decision allowed us to organize the efficient system of the communication between the workers and it lies in the sending of the messages to the people who understand them and can send them to other people. The good organization of the work process and the provision of the safe labor conditions for the workers are highly important at the production and storerooms. The workers in the orange T-shirts play the important role at the Lindab and provide the better communication', the message said.

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Such system is used for all foreigner workers at the Lindab who do not speak Polish and not only for the Ukrainians as it is stated in the mass media. The citizens of Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova work at the enterprise.

However, the enterprise will look for the alternative solutions due to the scandal and the reaction of the human right activists.

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'The changes got the positive response from the workers, however, taking into account, the on-going discussion in the mass media, we decided to consider this issue and look for the alternative solutions. We already had the legal advice to be sure that such decisions do not contradict the anti-discrimination laws. However, we will continue the discussion to work out the most efficient decision for all workers of our enterprise'.

As we reported the citizens of Ukraine were issued the uniform of the different color than the uniform of the Poles at the Lindab Company near Warsaw, Poland. The local entrepreneur explained that the color of the uniform demonstrated the level of the acknowledgment of the Polish language by the worker but the anti-racist union Nigdy wiecej (Nevermore) claimed about the violations.

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All workers wear blue pants and T-shirts of different colors depending on the position. A crew chief wears a red T-shirt, a mechanic wear a green T-shirt. The Ukrainians are issued the yellow or orange T-shirts. The yellow clothes belong to people who do not know the Polish language and the orange clothes are for the people who know the Polish or English.

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