Ukrainian personnel gap, or why oligarchs rule the country

Author : Serhiy Fursa

Source : 112 Ukraine

Zelensky says he suffers from the lack of personnel to appoint them to the state offices
17:20, 29 May 2020

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The president says he suffers from the lack of personnel to appoint them to the state offices. The country has a staff shortage. No people. What happens when you have staff shortages? When you personally have no idea who to appoint. Well, it happens.

You cannot all and know everything about everyone. Especially if you have never been interested in this issue. So what are you doing then? That's right, you hold open contests. So that people themselves come. And among them you already choose.

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What has been happening in Ukraine for the past six months? That's right, all open contests are either canceled or scored on their results. Or they are held on the night of Friday to Monday and so that no one heard. Sometimes, however, according to the results of the competition, even someone is appointed. True, as with the film industry, for some reason it is not a winner of the competition.

The last two examples. The first is a search for the head of Ukrnafta. A competition is being held. Many strong candidates come to the competition. Despite staff shortages. And then, when the competition enters the final stage, it is canceled. And they propose to support the wise idea of ​​a minority shareholder - to leave the current management of the company.

As a result, the practice of managing the company with the wise hands of Kolomoysky (Ukrainian oligarch, - ed.) will continue. And all because of staff shortages. And Ukrnafta will probably continue to sell oil cheaper than the market to Kolomoysky’s structures. But also just because there is simply no one else.

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The country suffers from hunger. There is no demand. And there are no people. Everything rests only on Kolomoysky’s strong shoulders. Which therefore Centrenergo company cannot leave without its paternal care. After all, there will simply be no one in the country to starve staff and manage the company. Without him. True, before him the company was profitable, and now it has become unprofitable. As part of the fight against corruption, apparently, but these are trifles.

As a result, the State Company Ukrnafta demonstrates two trends at once. The first is the fight against the oligarchs. Here is such a deoligarchization in Ukrainian. And the second is personnel shortage, because of which the government is simply forced to take the people of the oligarchs as managers. Both at state-owned companies and at ministries. There is simply no one else. The second is the National Health Service. Competition again.

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Three strong candidates again. And six months later, another interim minister meets with them and says that everyone is not suitable. It happens. They have passed the contest and are not suitable. And there is nobody to appoint. After all, there is a famine in the country. And again, it will be necessary to appoint some kind of strong business executive, because there is no one else. We would like, but no one. Personnel hunger. No people. Not to mention how the competitions were held for customs, State Bureau of Investigation, and tax. When they learn about the competitions only by a fluke and all the documents had to be submitted yesterday.

With such contests, it is not surprising that there is a hunger strike in the country. With this approach, you can starve to death with a full refrigerator. If you don’t open it. With such contests, even when you have around 100 Harvard graduates, staff shortages will begin. And these are not random events, this is a system. From time to time, it repeats.

And people who used to win contests are fired. Very often for no reason. And not only these people do not perceive the reason why they are fired, which often happens. But there is often simply no reason.

And tell me, who is to blame for the fact of personnel shortages? No answer.

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