Ukrainian army, European Union and fight against offshores: 'European solidarity' election program

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The party goes to the elections with a 102-member electoral list and a program called “Protect Ukraine’s European Future!”
21:26, 10 July 2019

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The party of the fifth president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, officially became European solidarity on May 24, 2019. Then a closed congress was held, during which a rebranding took place.

The European solidarity goes to the elections with a 102-member electoral list and a program called “Protect Ukraine’s European Future!”. We will analyze its main points.

Foreign policy

The message is unequivocal. "The future of Ukraine is only in NATO and the EU."

The party states that their goal is to contribute to the achievement of the criteria necessary for applying for EU membership and receiving the NATO Membership Action Plan as early as 2023.

The party is in favor of increasing the sanctions pressure on Russia.

The program:

"We have created a powerful international coalition that has used a wide range of sanctions against the Russian aggressor. This unity must be maintained, and the sanctions pressure must be strengthened. We will work to ensure that the world's attention is turned to Crimea and Donbas, and Russia is responsible for its crimes."

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The war in Donbas and the annexation of Crimea

The European solidarity promises support for displaced people who have left the occupied territories.

The party’s position on the war in Donbas: the introduction of UN peacekeepers to the entire territory of the Russian-occupied Donbass will accelerate the liberation and return of these territories under the sovereignty of Ukraine.


The priority task of the European solidarity is the creation of powerful Armed Forces.

The party’s program:

"Modernization, structural reforms and a new level of support, in particular monetary and social, are the basis for developing troops in accordance with NATO requirements. Defenders of Ukraine who take part in hostilities should receive decent support."

The party also notes the need for the development of rocket technologies, the air shield of Ukraine, aviation and navy, "providing the troops with everything necessary for modern battle."

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The welfare of Ukrainians and social standards

The party’s program:

"Ukraine must become a state of opportunity. An effective state guarantees social elevators for the most professional, responsible and patriotic citizens."

The goal of European solidarity is to expand the middle class, namely, "wealthy people, enterprising citizens who rely on their own strength and are ready to take responsibility for their lives and the future of the country."

The party also plans to "promote the creation of jobs with high wages," encouraging investment, education and innovation.
The party’s program:

"Achieving high European standards of living requires an effective and systemic integration of Ukraine into the EU internal market. The priorities are the integration of Ukraine into the EU energy and digital market, approaching the standards of the Schengen zone and deepening customs cooperation."

Fighting offshore

Here the European solidarity is going to insist on the adoption of tax legislation changes.

We are talking about the implementation of the Plan of counteracting the erosion of the tax base and the removal of profits from taxation.

And further

    Completion of decentralization and further administrative reform.
    Ensuring real equality of opportunity for men and women.
    Restarting court system.
    Simplify administrative services.
    Creation of a unified financial security body “for dialogue with taxpayers”.
    The introduction of tax on the withdrawn capital.
    Implementation of medical reform.

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